Is Thermage Making A Comeback?

Thermage may have weathered the storms that plagued them early on. Poor training. Poor reviews. Unhappy doctors.

At a meeting this week a Thermage rep told me that they had just had the most profitable four months since they launched. The initiation of Thermage body and eye treatments seems to have helped in addition to making the treatment head bigger.

I've posted on how Thermage brings out the heavy anger here.  Some docs think Thermage is a totally bogus technology. That's the rep that many new treatments encounter. I think Thermage brought most of that trouble on themselves with inadequate training and price gouging. The move to quicker treatments with bigger heads (effectively cutting the price) is a step in the right direction. Thermacool as a treatment is improving, Thermage as a company has been a pain in the ass. I hope that is changing.

If Thermage is going to compete against Cuteras Titan, Fraxel, Palomar's Fraxel head for their Starlux, and whatever else is coming, They're going to have to continue to innovate and out compete. No one likes paying $650 for a piece of plastic and chip that costs $8.