How to Terminate a Medical Spa Franchise: Letters of woe.

It seems that I'm being type cast as a medical spa vigalante and I'm being sent all kinds of medspa franchise stuff.


There's been more than a few questions about how to terminate a medical spa franchise. Since people have sent me info, I've uploaded some scans of letters which franchisees have terminated their franchise agreements with.

Both of these letters were sent ot Radiance Medspa Franshise Group. I've been told that neither letter received any kind of response. That seems to speak volumes.

Successful franchisors make their money from royalties. The 'franchise fee' to a large extent is for training and startup. It's telling that in these instances at least, the franchisor let the franchise go without so much as a phone call. (Of course no one got their $80k back.) I'm curious about what other Radiance owners think?

So, for whoever requested this type of info.... here they are. 

The follwing links will take you to the scans of the letters. All identities have been removed from the letters.

Medical Spa Franchise Termination Letter 1

Medical Spa Franchise Termination Letter 2 page 1

Medical Spa Franchise Termination Letter 2 page 2