The Dermacare Thread: 221 comments & going strong.

Wow. That Dermacare Laser & Skin Care Clinics discussion thread's heating up again with fingerpointing comments that are growing increasingly raucous.

Here's an email I received from someone who looks as though they have ties to Dermacare Corporate. 

"I understand that people enjoy debating over the business model of the Dermacare franchise and even may have some valid points about the franchisor.  It is wrong and inappropriate for you to post untrue and malicious comments regarding people’s personal lives.  The employees that work for Dermacare take there job seriously and this is there livelihood.  Just because a bitter employee was fired, it doesn’t give them the right to put lies out there for everyone to read.  I would you appreciate you removing the comment from SOLD MY SOUL, which includes an employees name that is a hard working employee.  Isn’t this suppose to be a Medical Blog and not some tabloid?  FYI Double Dermacare Dare you and Sold My Soul are the same person."

I replied with the following:

Hello ____
Just so you know, I don't post the comments, people leave them there themselves. I will post your disclaimer you're welcome to comment as well if you have an opposing view. I'll also take a look and see if there's something that violates my terms. If there is, I'll modify or remove it. You'll understand that you're picking out a particular thread that has obviously created a stir with over 200 comments.

So first, I didn't post any "post untrue and malicious comments regarding people’s personal lives." The comments are generally open. (I did remove a specific name from that comment .)

I also looked in to the comment that SOLD MY SOUL and Double DermaDare You are the same person by looking at the IP address that the comments came from. The comments came from different computers with different IP addresses.