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Press Request - Effectiveness & Safety Of Home Light LED Skin Care

Request from Carleen Coulter (Editor Beauty and Fashion Tech)

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I am looking for quotes from dermatologists and estheticians for a series of 5 articles for Beauty and Fashion Tech that will be cross promoted on Glam Media, which has a large audience. If you (or your client if you are a publicist) can give a short quotable reply to any of the following questions, please do! No need to answer all if you do not fee qualified or lack the time. Any number of responses, or even a single answer helps. Also please provide the name and credentials to be used with the quote. Many thanks!

  1. Are at home light therapy devices effective? Why or why not?
  2. Are at home light therapy devices safe? why or why not?
  3. Is laser tattoo removal effective? Why or why not?
  4. Who is best suited for laser tattoo removal?
  5. Is laser tattoo removal painful?
  6. Which is more effective, chemical peels or laser peels?
  7. Who might be a better candidate for a laser peel as opposed to a chemical peel and vice versa?
  8. Which is more commonly used, chemical or laser peels?
  9. What current popular beauty treatments could be advanced further in the future? How will they/might they be advanced?
  10. What do you think will be next big state-of-the-art development in beauty treatment?

Carleen Coulter (Editor Beauty and Fashion Tech)

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Dermatology Times Interview: Everything you ever wanted to know about medical spas.

I've done more than a few interviews or round table discussions about the medical spa market. The press like me because I don't just tow the 'everything is cushy' line the technology companies and medical boards have to take so they don't piss anyone off too badly. (I'd have to name the Wall Street Journal as the highest visibility but that was for entrepreneurship and business startups, not medical spas.)

dermatologytimeslogoImage1134420133265.gifLast week I was contacted by Dermatology Times for an article being written about medical spas. Unfortunately, I was off in Florida consulting and didn't get back to John quite quick enough to make his deadline and so the article will run without the incredible insight of your's truly.

Not to fear. I'm going to take the time to answer all of John's questions right here over the next few days. It'll be interesting to see how my thoughts compare to the plethora of statistics that John's compiling. I'll let you be the judge of the content once the Dermatology Times article comes out.

Here's the email I received from Dermatology Times:

Subject: Derm Times query
Message: Hello Mr. Barson:
I'm a writer with Dermatology Times, a monthly newsmagazine for dermatologists, working on the following article. Can you address any questions about number of medical spas/growth in this field and income earned by medical spas?

DT 8101 SPAS -- an overview story that takes a broad look at the issues surrounding Medical Spas and Skin Care Clinics (the topic of our August special report). There will be separate stories within the Special Report on many of the topics below. So I'm writing a detailed story with lots of stats that provides an introduction to the major issues.

Try to get numbers on nonderms running them, and who they are (in general): OBs, dentists, family practitioners, ER docs ?
What does the average spa take in, income-wise, per month? What are the average salaries for derms, family physicians, ob/gyns?

Why are nonspecialists are turning to cosmetic procedures? Explain the cash angle. Same-day payments? What’s the benefit to docs? No late hours, etc.? (And how do product sales fit in? Some physicians promote their own skincare lines)

What are the arguments (both sides) on the issue of patient safety? Ditto quality of care, supervision of personnel.

How confusing is the market to the consumer ? How do they know what they're getting?

What are the issues surrounding medical spa chains?

I'm hoping to wrap up interviews etc. by the end of.... Please let me know if you can help (or suggest other sources).
Many thanks,

Whew. That's a lot of stuff to cover. (I wonder what the word length of the article John has to deliver is.) I'll tackle each of these questions as a separate post over the next week or so as I get time. When the Dermatology Times article comes out I'll post a link to it and we'll see where we are. (If you see the Dermatology Times article send me an email.)