A Free Embezzlement & Employee Theft Scams Course For Members

There are only two types of cosmetic clinics; Those who have have been stolen from, and those that don't know that they've been stolen from yet.

Every cosmetic clinic has this problem.

Every. Single. One.

And it's not hard to see why. Most people aren't bad, but there's always temptation, especially when it's easy or there are outside pressures or gripes that make it easy to justify taking just a little here and there. That little voice that says, "I'm the one doing the work. The patients love me. Everyone else is getting rich. I'm owed more...".

We're doing our part to help protect your clinic by taking our popular embezzlement guide and turning it in to a free course with video explanations and added it to the new Medical Spa MD Training Academy. You'll learn how how these scams work, and how you can protect your clinic from them.

This course is entirely free, and may just save your clinic.

In this course you'll uncover all kinds of creative, never-thought-of-that scams:

  • A physician employee connecting his personal account to the credit card terminal.
  • A PA injecting patients with saline and stealing Botox to run a side business.
  • Laser technicians "up-selling" treatments and pocketing thousands in cash every week.
  • A simple accounting scheme that drove a clinic into bankruptcy.
  • A manager treating patients on weekends.
  • Front desk staff using a simple credit card scam and skimming 3% of sales.
  • And (unfortunately) many, many more...

These physicians and clinic owners weren't stupid. They weren't lax or taking their eye off of the ball. They were just victims of the myriad creative ways that these scams work, and they hadn't taken this course yet.

This course gives you the inside cheats, tricks and scams that people use every day, and the simple ways that you can prevent the vast majority from ever getting started in the first place. This course is for every physician, clinic owner, manager and employee working in cosmetic medicine.

The 10X Consultation Playbook will be our next course. Here's why.

The 10X Consultation Playbook - The ultimate guide to mastering patient consultations that sell. See it here >

A little while back I wrote a post about the 5 areas that I've found most closely correlated with success in the 17 years that I've been building top performing clinics.

Here's the post: 5 Lessons From 22,362 Clinics About Building A Successful Cosmetic Practice

If you leave any 1 of these 5 areas out you're hamstringing your business and and stunting your growth. If you're good at at least 3 and you'll be competitive, and if you're good at all 5 you'll own your local market... the world is your oyster. 

  1. Mastering patient consultations (sales)
  2. Replacing yourself with systems (operations)
  3. Delivering the remarkable (patient experience)
  4. Aligning your staff's perceived best-interests (leadership)
  5. Waging asymmetrical warfare against the competition (strategy)

You'll notice, and I discuss this in the post, that there's nothing on treatment results (patient outcomes), what IPL or device you're using (technology), or price (money). That's because these three areas, the areas that most clinic owners - especially those starting out - obsess over have no correlation with the success of the clinic. (Now' don't blow a gasket. I'm not saying that they're not important, especially around patient outcomes, but only that they do not contribute to how successful you are going to be in relationship to other clinics. Failure in these areas can destroy you, but success in these areas will not make you successful.)

That post obviously hit a nerve, especially around the top two areas on the list; mastering patient consultations and using systems to automate your clinic operations. And that's understandable. The consultation room is where the money is made, and clinic operations is where the money is lost. 

In fact, we received so many questions and inquires around improving consultations - more than 8 times what we normally receive - that we changed up the training course roadmap.

Our roadmap had been to systematically build a set of comprehensive trainings to teach you (#1) how to implement systems in your clinic (The Ultimate Clinic Operations Blueprint) so that you could make your clinic run more efficiently, then to launch a course (#2) on marketing that taught you how to bring in hundreds or thousands of new patients a year, and then to launch a course (#3) teaching you systems for consultations that convert (selling).

But in seeing the questions coming in we're switching that up a little.

The next Training Academy course we're launching will not be The Ultimate Clinic Marketing Plan, it will be The 10X Consultation Playbook.

Here's why: The single most important determining your sales success is how well you do one thing; consultations

Poor consultations destroy your reputation and waste every dollar you spend on bringing new patients in to your clinic. And they're not uncommon. It's simple math; 49% of clinicians are performing consults that are below average. Poor consultations will put you right on the edge of going out of business, and will force you to try to compete on price. If you're having thoughts around pricing, or if you're using terminology like "loss leader", or if you're just at the lower end of the pricing wars in your local market, it's likely - more than that, it's probable - that your consultations are below average.

Average consultations generate some sales and leave you bumping along and quasi-satisfied with your business - where you can't quite figure out what's missing. You know that you're leaving money on the table but don't exactly know why.

Heads up: The maddening thing about average consultations is that you won't see them as being average. You'll see them as way above average, just like every other person when asked to compare themselves to others. It's called illusory superiority and there are almost endless examples:

  • In Kruger and Dunning's experiments participants were given specific tasks (such as solving logic problems, analyzing grammar questions, and determining whether jokes were funny), and were asked to evaluate their performance on these tasks relative to the rest of the group, enabling a direct comparison of their actual and perceived performance.

    Results were divided into four groups depending on actual performance and it was found that all four groups evaluated their performance as above average, meaning that the lowest-scoring group (the bottom 25%) showed a very large illusory superiority bias. The researchers attributed this to the fact that the individuals who were worst at performing the tasks were also worst at recognizing skill in those tasks. This was supported by the fact that, given training, the worst subjects improved their estimate of their rank as well as getting better at the tasks. The paper, titled "Unskilled and Unaware of It: How Difficulties in Recognizing One's Own Incompetence Lead to Inflated Self-Assessments", won a Nobel Prize in 2000.
  • In a survey of faculty at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, 68% of professors rated themselves in the top 25% for teaching ability, and more than 90% rated themselves as above average.
  • In a similar survey, 87% of Master of Business Administration students at Stanford University rated their academic performance as above the median.

Don't think that's you? 

Everyone describes themselves in positive terms compared to other people, and this includes thinking that they're less susceptible to bias than other people. This effect is called the "bias blind spot" and has been demonstrated independently.

We sent a survey to cosmetic clinicians (some of our Members) and asked them to score their consultations against their competitors on a scale of 1 to 10.

The results of that survey fit right in with every other study on how humans perceive themselves. Almost every clinician rated their consultative skills between 5 and 9. So, if you think that you'd rank your consultations as a 7 or 8, you're right at the top of the bell curve of average.

Consultation Survey Results

Consultation Survey Results

(One interesting note; In speaking with two different clinicians who had rated themselves as a 7 and an 8 in this survey I brought up the fact that their self-rating put them in the 'average' column. Both of them immediately re-calibrated and added another point or two to their rating in order to remain above average.) 

You may have a competitor that is not using technology as good as yours, is not as technical skilled, does not deliver outcomes that are as good as yours, who is charging more (or less) than you do, but is still taking patients away from you. It's maddening, but there's a reason. They're delivering great consults. They're building empathy and trust with their patients. They're guiding along the journey that patient is asking for. There's no way you can compete with that based on having a newer IPL and - if you're going to be competitive - you're going to have to get better at consultations.

But there is good news. Mastering patient consultations is a skill set you can learn.

The money is made in the consultation room.

Great consultations are the secret of incredibly profitable clinics. They almost print money. Great consultations fill your schedule and treatment rooms and create fanatically loyal patients and they boost your revenue faster and easier than any other thing you can do as an individual. And great consultations come in all sorts of flavors.

It doesn't matter what your 'shtick' is. You may be rolling old school as a luminary plastic surgeon with a hundred degrees on your wall and a staff of 40, or you may be a family practice doc who's just learning Botox, or you might be setting up a new clinic and going through some sleepless nights wondering how you're going to pay for everything. Your consultations are something that you can improve that makes an immediate difference.

I've seen a lot of clinicians who are fantastic in the consultation room.

  • A plastic surgeon from Brazil who was all air kisses and theatricality. He looked and acted every bit of the Hollywood cliche plastic surgeon from his slicked back hair to his designer suits, but when he walked into the consultation room he stepped off his pedestal and patients knew they could trust him.
  • A Ukrainian physician who was working in the US as an esthetician with movie-star looks and fashion sense who literally sold three times as much as the physician in the clinic.
  • A goof-ball dermatologist who could barely dress himself and looked half the age of his patients open a brand new clinic and destroy the entrenched local competitors by being a boy-next-door.
  • An internist who was completely new to aesthetics pull a clinic out of foreclosure and make it insanely profitable by sitting down with patients and talking girlfriend-to-girlfriend.

All of these clinicians were different, but they all killed it in the consultation room, not because they were consultation savants, but because they understood that consultations are critical to success and they worked hard to improve. Their tactics and personalities varied dramatically and the way they presented to the patient were completely different, but the formula they followed was the same every time.

That structure, that system, that repeatable formula is what the 10x Consultation Playbook delivers.

Hope is not a strategy.

It's not going to happen by itself. You weren't trained in sales. In fact, some of the things you were taught are actively hampering you. You're not going to suddenly understand everything you need to know and do to improve your sales and neither is your team.

I can not tell you the number of times when I've asked clinicians how they start a consultation and it's some form of "tell me what you'd like done", or they hand the patient a mirror with something along the lines of "tell me what you see that you don't like". Worse still are the clinicians who actually just launch in to a litany of all the things they can see that they could "fix", oblivious to the frozen smile on the patient sitting their horrified and embarrassed to find out that they're such a wreck. 

The fact is that great businesses aren't built on luck or chance. The're built on repeatable rules and proven processes and reliable frameworks.

It may not sound too exciting, but I'm okay with that.

Because you know what is exciting? Implementing your new systems and finding that your conversion rates, and revenue spike. That is sexy. The best parts of business always are - without fail - the measurable parts. Everything else is just guesswork. And you can't build a business that wins by just relying on your guesses.

Systems help you pre-decide what’s important to you — ONCE — and then force you to stay focused. Instead of your clinic staff wondering what they should do… or making it up on the fly… you’ll have a clear system to follow that is both structured, and flexible, so you’re not working with so many variables that you have no clear idea what's working and what's not.

Once you integrate these systems into your clinic, you’ll feel the freedom of being able to make decisions and see their effects rather than just hoping that you're headed in the right direction.

Think of a simple system you already use — where you put your keys. Maybe it’s by the door, or in the kitchen. Yet it’s become a habit and you never think about it. You don’t have to “try harder” to put the keys where they should be… it just works. It’s mindless. And it does what it needs to do.

Now think about your consultations and the way they work.

You already have a 'system' that you're using. You're beginning the same way, you ask the same questions, and you give the same answers to the same questions each time. That's something of a system, but is it the best you could do? Couldn't it be improved if you actually had a structured system and formula that ensured that every consult was perfect?

That's why we're moving the Playbook up to be the next course we publish; because the money really is made in the consultation room and improving your consultations is the single easiest thing you can do with your existing clientele to bring in more revenue.

You don't have to spend money on advertising, or buy a new fractional laser. You just have to spend some time starting with the basics and building on your existing skill set. you don't have to get a new license or insurance rider.  You don't have to travel or take on inventory. You just have to learn and use some new skills that you can put to use immediately.

That's why I know that when you improve your consultations, you're going to see results.

Small differences in your [system] performance can lead to large differences in your results
— Brian Tracy

 Top performers know how to sell. Average performers don't.

The Playbook is not being built around hard selling or gimmicks or unethical practices. It's not about talking people in to treatments they don't need or being pushy. It's not about pressure. In fact, it's probably not at all what you think of as "sales training".

It's about guiding your patients along the journey they want to take.

The 10X Consultation Playbook is a  system that will take you past the guesswork. You'll get the frameworks, strategy, tactics and repeatable techniques to systematically improve your consultations and conversion rates. You'll learn exactly what to do and how and when to do it, but just as importantly you'll learn WHY you're doing it. In short, 10X Consultation Playbook is a method, a system, and a proven FORMULA... that clinicians have applied successfully over and over to produce high converting consultations, increased patient loyalty, and greater revenue.

It will also come with a 30 day money back guarantee and integrates perfectly with the Ultimate Clinic Operations Blueprint.

And it's not just for you. Every member of your staff will learn these systems too.

So if increasing your conversion rates, sales and income is of interest to you, please take just a second and sign up on our early bird list to be notified when the Playbook launches. Once you're on the email list we'll be sending some early snippets  and lessons and requesting feedback. And you'll also get a one-time special discount for being on the list when we go live.


Questions? Please leave a comment or contact us directly.

What's Killing Your Cosmetic Practice Profits?

If you haven't watched this video, do it now and learn what top performing cosmetic practices are doing that you're not.

Hint: It's your internal systems.

A few weeks ago we sent a survey to 472 physicians asking about efficiency and productivity in their clinic or practice. Here's just a little of what we found out:

  • Over 9/10 of physicians said that their clinic operated at less than 80% efficiency, and 4 out of 10 said that their clinic efficiency was below 60%!
  • Physicians reported this "productivity gap" costs their clinic between $5k and $40k in lost revenue every month.
  • When I asked them what doesn't work, the most common responses: "lack of systems" (44%), "wasted time and effort" (50%), and "micro-management" (40%).

There is a better way that can pull you out of the micro-managing, hair-on-fire, unproductive daily grind and put you in a position where you're working ON your business, not IN your business. Take a look at the Ultimate Clinic Operations Blueprint.

How poor systems are killing your clinics long term growth, profitability and value.

Stop micro-managing. Stop flailing. Stop losing patients. And stop losing revenue.

A few days ago, I sent a survey to 472 physicians asking about efficiency and productivity in their clinic or practice. Perhaps you're not surprised by some of the results. You might even recognize your own clinic here.

  • Over 9/10 of physicians said that their clinic operated at less than 80% efficiency, and 4 out of 10 said that their clinic efficiency was below 60%!
  • Physicians reported this "productivity gap" costs their clinic between $5k and $40k in lost revenue every month.
  • When I asked them what doesn't work, the most common responses: "lack of systems" (44%), "wasted time and effort" (50%), and "micro-management" (40%).

There is a better way that can pull you out of the micro-managing, hair-on-fire, unproductive daily grind and put you in a position where you're working ON your business, not IN your business. Take a look at the Ultimate Clinic Operations Blueprint.

Stop Losing Patients - The New Ultimate Clinic Operations Blueprint (Free Preview)


There are a few known truths in cosmetic medicine. The first is; the money is made in the consultation room. But there's another on which is just as critical to your success; the money is lost in operations.

For the last two months I've been working on building a new course for the Medical Spa MD Training Academy to fix that last problem - the one about money being lost in clinic operations.

As of the time of posting this it hasn't been launched, but you can see the course description and even see a few lessons for free here: The Ultimate Clinic Operations Blueprint

Winners use systems. Loser have goals.

The Ultimate Clinic Operations Blueprint is all about implementing and then using systems in your clinic to hit some very specific goals. 

  • Stop losing patients – You may not know how bad this really is but patient churn is killing your clinic's future revenue and value.
  • Less micro-management – Yeah. Get out of the minutia of every decision and put your staff on track to handle things themselves. It's empowering as an owner and a team member.
  • Work on your business, no in it. – If you feel like you have a job... enough said.
  • Lifestyle – When you have great systems that are used it really does feel like your clinic is running on autopilot.
  • Building value – If your clinic depends upon you being there, it's not a business, and the value of your clinic is determined solely by the estimated patient retention when you leave. Hint: Systems build much more valuable clinics.

This course is just one of many that we're going to be adding to the Training Academy. Clinical training, business training, staff training... we've got a lot of work to do.

Note: If you're not already a Training Academy Member join now. You'll get first shot at all new courses and discounts for members.

Publish your own course. We'll help. Learn about building a course for the training academy.

Media Training Boot Camp For Health Care Professionals - A Wow Experience

Media training for doctors (or medspas)?

The media loves covering the cosmetic medicine industry.  The public hunger for this information is insatiable.  For providers of these coveted services, the media can serve as a powerful tool to spread the word to the masses of the latest and greatest – what’s hot and what’s not.  It can also help define WHO is hot or not.  In the competitive tussle of the cosmetic medical marketplace, whether or not your business is successful is determined, in part, by the media ‘footprint’ you cultivate over time.  With so much competition, those who conquer the visibility factor can separate themselves from the fray.  A good web site and blog , smart use of social media and speaking to groups of potential patients are critically important.  Yet, as the competitive heat continues to rise, there may be a need to transcend to the next level.  Becoming a media ‘personality’ is a great way to achieve this end.  This requires a unique skill set that we are all capable of acquiring but whom many find intimidating. 

I was fortunate to attend the “Dr. You” Media Training Boot Camp for Doctors program presented in a joint effort by the Discovery Channel and Harvard Health Publications held October 19 – 21 at the Discovery Channel Global Headquarters.  This excellent course is designed for health care professionals who want to step up their media exposure.  It is ideal for those who either want to stand out more visibly in their local market or are interested in advancing to become a nationally recognized "Go-To" expert and thought leader.  Features of this course included:

  • Live TV interview practice
  • Video sessions using a teleprompter
  • Tips on how to become a sought-after professional speaker or “Go-To” expert
  • Insights in obtaining and working with a publicist
  • Radio interview coaching
  • How to become a best-selling author
  • Strategies to maximize your online presence

 A tall order indeed, and they delivered!  Their top notch faculty included a 15 year producer for the Oprah show who also works with Dr. Oz, the Chief Medical Expert for the Discovery Channel, the Chief Editor of Books at Harvard Health Publications, and several top notch media experts, web strategists, and literary agents.  The training was very personalized and the immediate feedback was right on (sometimes painfully so!). The class mix ranged from rank amateurs (most of us) to savvy professionals wanting a little polish.  The faculty went over and above to 'bring us along' and made this a great experience.  We all ended the program wanting more – and hopefully they will let the huge success of this 'pilot' program convince them to expand upon this even further in the near future.

 If and when this course is offered again, I recommend you jump on it.  You will be very glad you did.

Botox Training MD: Online Botox & Filler Injection Training Course

Getting started with Botox and filler injections through Botox Training MD, a comprehensive online video training course.

Botox Training MD is an online course for clinicians that teaches you everything you need to know to begin offering Botox and filler injections inside your medical practice. It's exactly the same course and content that is taught in Dr. Marc Sheiner's two day course but comes packed with extra information and bonuses. Best of all, better than trying to remember everything you saw and learned during an in-person course, this course is taught via video and delivered online so you can review each module as many times as you want or need to.

Oh, and by the way, you'll save more than $1,400 off of the two day course tuition.

Botox Training Online Video Course

Botox Training MD Membership is for clinicians who…

  • want to add an additional high-profit revenue stream to their practice
  • want access to the highest quality training and learn the secrets of successful experts
  • want to avoid the costly mistakes that all new cosmetic practices make
  • want to know how to start, manage, and grow their new business
  • want to have 24/7/365 access or don't have local access to training
  • are done thinking about going big and are ready to take action!

Here's a welcome message from Marc Scheiner MD, the Botox Training MD online course instructor.

We’re here to help you start learning how you can add Botox and fillers to your practice. There are a lot of tabs, options and videos inside of the coursebut there’s no need to to feel overwhelmed.

Botox Training MD Video Modules: This is where you'll probably want to start. You’ll want to watch these videos in order since they build on each other and we often refer to previous modules. These videos will walk you, step-by-step, through the individual treatments.

  • Module 1: Introduction to Botox & Fillers
  • Module 2: Infra-orbital & Mental Nerve Blocks
  • Module 3: Lip Augmentation, Nasolabial Folds & Peri-Orbital Rejuvenation
  • Module 4: Glabellar Frown Lines
  • Module 5: Periorbital Rhytids (Crows Feet)
  • Module 6: Forehead & Frown Lines
  • Module 7: Liquid Face Lift (Cheek & Jaw Augmentation)
  • Module 8: Marionette Lines & Fillers
  • Module 9: Axillary Hyperhydrosis
  • Module 10: Advanced Botox Techniques (Lower Face, Platysmal Bands, Depressor Anguli Oris & Browlift)
  • Module 11: Advanced Dermal Filler Techniques

Here are two very short excerpts from Botox Training MD's online video training modules from module 5 on using Botox for periorbital rhytids (crows feet) and another excerpt from module 11 on advanced filler techniques.

Module 5: Periorbital Rhytids (Crows Feet)

Illustrated PDF Treatment Guides detailing exactly how each treatment is performed,  how it can be modified for best results, and how to avoid complications.

Resource Guides show you where to find the best deals on products and services to grow your practice without breaking the bank, from managing your legal structure to adding marketing resources.

Consent & Follow-up Forms: Use the same forms that I use for my own patients! Informed consent, follow-up, treatment records and more. Best of all, they’re delivered as Word documents so you’ll be able to modify them with your own logo, address and any other information you may want.

Discover the secrets that only the real insiders know. Learn from physician experts that have been performing Botox and dermal fillers for years. These experts take you inside and share their secrets with you. What works. What doesn’t. What to look for and what to avoid. You’ll have insider information that you can’t get anywhere else on marketing, consultations, staff training, up-selling, pricing and every other aspect of cosmetic medicine.

Bonus Courses, Guides, Special Offers and Resources.

Cosmetic services are unlike traditional medical services and demand an understanding of new techniques as well as getting a handle on marketing and advertising. Our free bonuses will teach you how to sell without being ‘salesy’ or turning clients off, how successful physicians are marketing these treatments, and you'll be able to access some special offers that will save you money on products and services that you'll actually use.

NOTICE: This course is offered exclusively to physicians and clinicians who are licensed to perform these treatments in their geographic location.

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