Interview With Certified Allergan Botox Cosmetic Trainer Marc S. Scheiner MD: Part 2

Allergan Certified Botox Cosmetic Trainer and the physician instructor on Botox Training MDPart 2: Filler Injections

Name: Marc S. Scheiner, MD
Clinic: O'Leigh Aesthetic Surgery Center
Location: Elkton, MD
Clinic Website:
Training Website: Botox Training MD

I this three part series we're discussing Botox and fillers with Marc Scheiner MD who trains clinicians through 14 credit CME two-day hand's on seminars with the American Society of Aesthetic Medical Professionals and Botox Training MD, an online Botox training site for clinicians.

Part 1: Botox injections
Part 2: Filler Injections
Part 3: Complications of Botox and Filler Injections

And how about for filler injections? Are there different levels of expertise in treating different areas?

Filler injections also have this kind of heirarchy of possible complications. If we just review briefly where the fillers are used commonly, and then we can kind of discuss which is the most elementary to the advanced techniques

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Botox Training MD: Online Botox & Filler Injection Training Course

Getting started with Botox and filler injections through Botox Training MD, a comprehensive online video training course.

Botox Training MD is an online course for clinicians that teaches you everything you need to know to begin offering Botox and filler injections inside your medical practice. It's exactly the same course and content that is taught in Dr. Marc Sheiner's two day course but comes packed with extra information and bonuses. Best of all, better than trying to remember everything you saw and learned during an in-person course, this course is taught via video and delivered online so you can review each module as many times as you want or need to.

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Botox Training Online Video Course

Botox Training MD Membership is for clinicians who…

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Here's a welcome message from Marc Scheiner MD, the Botox Training MD online course instructor.

We’re here to help you start learning how you can add Botox and fillers to your practice. There are a lot of tabs, options and videos inside of the coursebut there’s no need to to feel overwhelmed.

Botox Training MD Video Modules: This is where you'll probably want to start. You’ll want to watch these videos in order since they build on each other and we often refer to previous modules. These videos will walk you, step-by-step, through the individual treatments.

  • Module 1: Introduction to Botox & Fillers
  • Module 2: Infra-orbital & Mental Nerve Blocks
  • Module 3: Lip Augmentation, Nasolabial Folds & Peri-Orbital Rejuvenation
  • Module 4: Glabellar Frown Lines
  • Module 5: Periorbital Rhytids (Crows Feet)
  • Module 6: Forehead & Frown Lines
  • Module 7: Liquid Face Lift (Cheek & Jaw Augmentation)
  • Module 8: Marionette Lines & Fillers
  • Module 9: Axillary Hyperhydrosis
  • Module 10: Advanced Botox Techniques (Lower Face, Platysmal Bands, Depressor Anguli Oris & Browlift)
  • Module 11: Advanced Dermal Filler Techniques

Here are two very short excerpts from Botox Training MD's online video training modules from module 5 on using Botox for periorbital rhytids (crows feet) and another excerpt from module 11 on advanced filler techniques.

Module 5: Periorbital Rhytids (Crows Feet)

Illustrated PDF Treatment Guides detailing exactly how each treatment is performed,  how it can be modified for best results, and how to avoid complications.

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Consent & Follow-up Forms: Use the same forms that I use for my own patients! Informed consent, follow-up, treatment records and more. Best of all, they’re delivered as Word documents so you’ll be able to modify them with your own logo, address and any other information you may want.

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Bonus Courses, Guides, Special Offers and Resources.

Cosmetic services are unlike traditional medical services and demand an understanding of new techniques as well as getting a handle on marketing and advertising. Our free bonuses will teach you how to sell without being ‘salesy’ or turning clients off, how successful physicians are marketing these treatments, and you'll be able to access some special offers that will save you money on products and services that you'll actually use.

NOTICE: This course is offered exclusively to physicians and clinicians who are licensed to perform these treatments in their geographic location.

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