Sciton Loves The Medical Spa MD Physician Report

It appears that Sciton is happy where they ranked in the first Medical Spa MD Physician Report

Download the Medical Spa MD Physicians Report #1 here.

I received a copy of a press release that Sciton sent out a few days ago that details their placement in the report. Here's the release:

Physicians Rank Scition #1 In Cosmetic Lasers

PALO ALTO, Calif., November 18, 2011 – Sciton, Inc. was ranked First in Class among aesthetic laser manufacturers in a survey of Medical Spa MD’s 5000-member physician community of plastic surgeons, cosmetic dermatologists, medical spas, and laser clinics.

In its first “Physician Report” (, Medical Spa MD asked physicians which technology they would recommend and respondents overwhelmingly selected Sciton, ranking it highest among the 16 manufacturers represented in the report. Physicians also identified five Sciton systems as their top choice for aesthetic medical applications in their clinics, including the JOULE, SkinTyte, ProFractional-XC, BBL, and Profile, in a demonstration of “remarkable brand loyalty,” and awareness. The Sciton systems identified are used for skin resurfacing, skin firming and tightening, laser hair removal, treatment of vascular and other skin conditions, body shaping, among other procedures.

Sciton is the leading manufacturer of high quality, modular, multi-application medical laser and light systems for the aesthetic market that can be tailored to a practice’s specific requirements. Additional confirmation of the quality, reliability and robustness of these laser- and light-based devices lies in the fact that over 95% of all the lasers ever manufactured by Sciton during its 14 year history are still in use. Dan Negus, President of Sciton, commented, “While we take great pride and care to design and manufacture outstanding and long lasting laser devices, it is extremely gratifying to see this recognition of our products’ quality and value by the clinicians in the Med Spa MD survey. We are elated that such a prestigious group of physicians has validated Sciton’s longstanding commitment to the quality and utility of its products.”

Medical Spa MD operates a premier online resource for providers of cosmetic medicine. This is the first year the organization has published its Physician Report, highlighting Sciton as the most utilized and recommended laser device manufacturer.

The survey also showed that treatments and applications made possible by the company’s technology are among the most profitable that cosmetic physicians offer, a circumstance promoted by Sciton’s commitment to well-built, high-quality products that pay for themselves over time without requiring an ongoing investment in consumables.

Now, the press release is carefully worded but I can't fault Sciton for putting their best face on with this. For example, the last paragraph says that, "treatments and applications made possible by the company’s technology are among the most profitable that cosmetic physicians offer", but those are the same treatments that are made possible by other techonology companies. Still, it reads well and is factual.

We're working on the next report now and I hope to have it out shortly.

I have no idea where anyone will rank in the new report since the questions are all different.