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Is ANY Cutera technology worth buying?

My physicians were underwhelmed with the Cutera Xeo.


We were using the Cutera Titan & ND Yag. The inexperienced physician in the location where we had it thought it worked well, but my more experienced physicians hated it and, in effect, wouldn't use it.

The 'single do everything platform' is also something I generally don't like since I can only have one treatment room going at a time. I guess that Cutera is trying to target individual physicians with a 'this one device will do everything' approach. While you might originally might think this is a good idea it's hard to grow if you have to invest another $100k for each additional treatment room.

LH comments about Cutera:

"At this time, I have very little respect for Cutera. They have over promised and under delivered on many things (Titan, Genesis, etc). The only time they contact my office is when they want to sell me an upgrade. Their webinars are only geared to the new person getting into aesthetics. Their webinars are only made so they can sell you something. I have watched many webinars and have stopped because they are a waste of time.

I also have issues with a company that will sell you a brand new system and will not back it up if you sell it on the secondary market. They will not sell refurbished Titan heads to anyone other than the original owner. They will not train any non-Cutera laser techs. This is so they can charge more for repairs. They will not send parts to any non-Cutera laser techs. Therefore, Cutera has made my used laser worth much less than it should be.

Unless Cutera changes their ways, I will never purchase a Cutera laser again. I will also never purchase an upgrade for my current sysytem."

And Dermadoc says about Cutera:

"My frustration is two-fold: first, Cutera totally overhyped the Titan, despite a few (very few) providers who seem to be getting what they consider good results. Second, how could this coatrack be marketed without a more consistent technique being identified, along with consistent recommendations for patietn selection, expected results, etc. It was sold on a wing and a prayer and like LH, I will find it very hard to purchase anything from Cutera again."

I'd have to agree with LH. The only time I saw the Cutera rep was during sales calls. Cutera's refusal to support their technology outside of the origional purchaser is a mistake and greatly lowers the value of their entire system. I can't see that investing in a system with such a downside when trying to sell is such a good idea.

I'm curious as to everyone elses experience with Cutera technology or dealing with Cutera as a company. (I'm even interested in what the Cutera reps on this site might have to say.)

Reader Comments (92)

Finally someone's putting the leather to Cutera and I couldn't be happier. I agree completely with LH and Dermadoc's comments above. Cutera should think about adding value. Trying to bind my hands so that I can't get rid of used equipment won't earn Cutera any sales in my clinic.

07.23 | Unregistered CommenterGAMD

I'm debating whether or not to renew our maintenance contract with them since we're looking at phasing the system out. Not to mention being down for almost a month last year as they had scheduling problems with their local (outsourced) tech, sending parts back and forth, then sending one of their own techs, sending more parts back and forth. We ended up having to schedule about 150 appointments. All we got was a half-hearted apology and a pledge to look into why their service was so incompetent. Didn't hear from them again until their sales rep. came by wanting to see if we wanted to upgrade.

07.25 | Unregistered CommenterRichard

Three years ago our group purchased a cutera xeo system in hopes of adding some aesthetic services to our practice. But, because of a myriad of in house political issues we never got this rolling. We now have decided to try (again). During the three years that we have owned this laser it has never been used, with the exception of some training. I have contacted cutera about getting this inspected and purchasing a warranty. They quoted a price of 15k for the pre warranty inspection and 12 month warranty. This seems exceedingly high especially since the machine resale is only 50k. Does anyone know of any tricks to get around this? Secondly, my husband owns and electrical engineering design and manufacturing firm and has entertained the idea of sending one of his engineers to "laser repair" school so that they can do the repair on this. Any thoughts? Thanks.

07.26 | Unregistered Commentermid city

One last noteI agree with LH. The day after I contacted cutera about SERVICE the SALES rep was at our office. We had not heard a peep from them in the 3 years this unit was collecting dust.


07.26 | Unregistered Commentermid city

mid city, You should have that listed on the classifieds board. If it's a good enough deal the readers of this site might overlook this thread. Actually, there are a few proponents of Cutera. Maybe they'll buy it.

07.26 | Unregistered CommenterFingerDoc


You now see the problem with Cutera. A $15000 inspection then another $12000 for a yearly contract. Sounds like a $37,000 ripoff.

They do not allow outside laser techs to work on their lasers. I think they make more money off of this scam than off of selling the lasers themselves.

I would recommend to use the laser, not buy the service contract and call every regional laser tech you can find. You may find one that knows Cutera lasers and has the key to get inside the laser.

07.26 | Unregistered CommenterLH

I probably was not very clear. It is $1500.00 for the pre warranty inspection and $13500.00 for the 12 month warranty for a total of $15000.00. So really a $15000.00 rip off. Does any one know of a service tech in the midwest area that can work on Cutera product? I have spoken with several service techs but none of them really want to work on this because cutera will not sell their parts to a third party. Thanks,mid city

07.26 | Unregistered Commentermid city

Mid City: The problem with many of the "leading" laser companies is that they seem to intentionally make it hard (or impossible) for anyone to obtain PARTS. Therefore even the world's greatest laser whiz cannot help you. They seem to do everything in their power to coerce you into trading in your old system for the latest and greatest (which tends to cost an arm and a leg). Their policies make it really hard for an aftermarket to even exist. It's not like automobiles because- relatively speaking- the market is so small. One benefit of this web site is that many of us are communicating and the word will get out about the "mean" companies and rip offs out there.

I'll agree with everyone on this one. Isn't there a Cutera rep around here with some inside information? I find it hard to believe that this site hasn't come up on the radar of the tecnology-powers-that-be. Perhaps Cutera and Palomar are just to far above the fray to think that unhappy docs who bought their products could cost them a sale by voicing their opinion. Oh... I remember now... they're just too busy sending me email reminders of their webinars telling me how much money everyone else is making.

07.26 | Unregistered CommenterFingerDoc

Med Spa Guy,
Thank you for the feed back. Cuteras product, part, and service whording may ultimately result in their demise. Does anyone remember the Sony Beta?

07.26 | Unregistered Commentermid city

Our rep dismissed this site as probably some 'competition' and quickly went on to a sales pitch for the Pearl add-on to the Titan platform. Seems like a way to make the Titan not be a total loss. Of course, the assumption is the Pearl actually works. I am beginning to think Laser aesthetics is the scam of the century...

07.27 | Unregistered CommenterDermaDoc

DermaDoc, I'm curious: Did your Cutera rep know of this site or was he just responding to you telling him about it?

Not sure if he knew about it before, but I told him about it and he didn't seem too surprised. I'm sure there are lots of industry people watching things here to get the 'word on the street'. Lord knows I have been!

07.28 | Unregistered CommenterDermaDoc


You seem to have a real axe to grind against Cutera. Is it just that you have not been happy with your Cutera rep or do you truely believe the Cutera product line is subpar. I currently own a Cutera Xeo platform and so far I have been very happy with my results. In addition, I know of other very sussesful Aesthetic practices that also use Cutera lasers and are happy as well. What exactly is your beef with this company. What other lasers are you using and are you happy with your other products?

07.29 | Unregistered CommenterRobert


I am in the same boat as DermaDoc. I own a xeo with the Titan. I think they overpromised with the Titan. I have since purchased Thermage. I have seen much better results with Thermage. I have their previious version of the IPL 600 which I feel is substandard. I have since purchased a Sciton BBL instead of the Limelight. I love it because of the control I have when I use it. I can set all parameters and have more energy.

I think their 1064 is very good and is their best piece. This laser got me started but I have outgrown it. The 1064 is a tank we have close to a million pulses on it. It is slow and cumbersome for hair removal on larger areas compared to lasers with CGP or the IPL's.

The company overpromised on the 1064 and hairremoval though. I listened to their salesman and should not have. He was somewhat of a used car salesman type and to the credit of Cutera they have since fired him. I was told it would work great on all skin types. I was told it would work well on the fitz 1 to 3 which is the majority of my patients. There are better choices than a 1064 for hair removal on these skintypes.

Now, I must admit that some of this was my own fault. I looked at other companies but not as much as I should have. I should not have believed the saleman as much as I did. I was just getting started and wish this site would have been available. Ijust want others to have this infomation available to them. They will have heard owners concerns with Cutera. I am happy for you that you like your Cutera and hope it continues to work well for you.

07.29 | Unregistered CommenterLH

Everybody has their likes. I think it often comes to what was promised and whether that was realized.

I also think that after docs are in this business for a few years they have a much better understanding of all the technologies and some basis for comparison. This site is full of good advice from docs who have been around the block.

07.29 | Unregistered CommenterREDDO

My primary gripe with Cutera is the Titan as has been discussed ad-nauseum for months. And as LH says, the 1064 is a tank and our workhorse, but we have moved around it for much of our hair removal, favoring the ProWave770. We haven't even seen or heard from our rep in months and that is not a problem to me - all he would tell us is that we should upgrade and spend more money to make up the money we lost on Titan.

Not gonna happen.

07.30 | Unregistered CommenterDermaDoc

Does anyone know of any product liability or class-action suits being brought b/c of the false hype/promises and ineffectiveness?

08.17 | Unregistered Commenterbowyenandt

Cutera's new PEARL is fisher price entry level for any office into laser resurfacing. Minimal results that equal and IPL/levulan treatment. A complete waste.

08.17 | Unregistered Commentermd


How can you make a statement like that when the product has just been introduced this month? The results of the initial treatment are not going to happen overnight. We believe that the real benefits from the pearl will take place over a six month period.

08.21 | Unregistered CommenterWPS

I wanted to pass on some information. We own a Cutera Xeo system with a 560 IPL hand piece. Two weeks ago Error Code 339 came up on the touch screen. We contacted Cutera service and they immediately recommended that we purchase a new hand piece, to the tune of $6000. This hand piece has only 2,000 shots. After some investigation, we found out that this error code indicates a discrepancy between 2 sensors located on either side of the flashlamp, usually this is caused by an air bubble in the distilled water cooling line. We gently tapped the hand piece near the sapphire window and have had no further issues. I realize that this may not work for every Error Code 339 event but probably
worth a shot before writing a big check to Cutera. Understand, We would not jeopardize patient safety and would have ceased using this had we felt uncomfortable.

08.21 | Unregistered Commentermid city


The parameters for the pearl 1-3 Joules are pretty weak all together. Our office did some prelim trials for Cutera, as I am one of their speakers. Dr. Maritza Perez agrees - you need to crank this up much more to really see some results. This is an entry level resurfacing product. Most physicians who do a lot of surfacing , including myself looked at this products for a long time. Great concept to put the mirrors in the hand piece and good if you want some superficial peeling. But overall, the idea is very poor. You can get similar results with chemical peels and or/ IPL / levulan. Depth of vaporization is minimal closer to a Erbium with minimal coagulation= tightening at best. Thats why you have to continue COMBOing out Pearl + Titan , Pearl + Genesis +++++ etc.... We have Xeo, Lum 1, Sciton- profractional Erbium, and FX - CO2. I personally think FX and MAX FX is the best resurfacing product currently. Results are WOW. If you want to resurface -- just do it, and get awesome results. period. Don't halfazz around the treatment with whimpy settings maxing out at 3J. 2 treatments with 3-5 days downtime each. Thats 10 days. No way. No wonder why the price for Pearl is so cheap = $600 - $1000. Why not just do it right with awesome tightening in 5-7 days ONE time. = Erbium or CO2 fractionated? I don't quite understand Cutera's point? What are you trying to resurface? freckles and some wrinkles? you can do it with IPL/levulan. No tightening with the Pearl: Cutera NEVER claims that it tightens. Minimal results for wrinkles and lots of redness,erythema because 2790nm is hotter than CO2. and multiple treatments least 2 maybe more treatments? NO way. For minimal results. This is not a WOW treatment. Its a "OK" result. If you want significant results with 5-7 days of downtime , why not just go with true Erbium (Pixel or Scitons Profractional) or CO2 fractional like FX? Thats why Dr. V. Ross - San Diego will tell you "results are similar to IPL/levulan" You may call or email him yourself as he agrees with me. Check out: Scitons - dial in erbium, YSGG(stronger Pearl), and CO2 or Lumenis fractional CO2 Active FX or coming this December Reliants re:pair fractional CO2, or Italy's micro Fractional CO2.
Overall in my opinion,
CO2 is still the gold standard and by fractionating it makes it safer and more comfortable with minimal risk. Ablation depth around 80 microns with one pass.

Cutera's research and development department were SLOW. They had the concept of going into the ablative market looking at Fraxel and traditional CO2/ erbium. They behind the ball now because fractionated Erbium and/or CO2 will give you better results and same downtime. Pearl cannot compete in the ablative market, however, I give them good effort and great ideas.

08.22 | Unregistered Commentermd

MD have you seen the pigmentary abnormalities (hyper/hypopigmentation) post-Fractional CO2 that are rampant w/ the classic CO2 resurfacing?

08.22 | Unregistered CommenterDermaRogue

I worked at a medspa where they had the Cutera Xeo. The rep was terrific and called or dropped in often, the webinars are terrific and we got great results with Genesis and Titan.
I am sure there are drawbacks to all laser companies, and yes, the replacement heads and warranty stuff is all expensive. But in spite of that, we loved our Cutera and our rep and the laser hair removal is a lot less painful than other lasers. I couldn't tolerate LHR with one of the Syneron machines, but with Cutera, I could handle it without numbing. So each to his own.

Actually, I agree with medspamaniac. The Xeo works great, so much better than sciton, and we all love it in the office. The patients too. As for the pearl, it's way too early to say. But if it works for skin resurfacing as well as their laser works for leg veins or hair removal, I'll buy it!

09.10 | Unregistered Commenterrhea16


I would totally have to disagree with you on the cutera IPL working better then the Sciton. I have both of them and my Cutera IPL has become a coat rack. Unless you are talking about the limelight which I do not have. Also which I feel is inferior to the BBL. I had the Limelight in my office and patients were much less satisfied with it and so was I.

09.10 | Unregistered CommenterLH


i have know completed quite a few fractional co2 and have had 2 cases. i let darker skin type know it WILL happen , it is temporary (PIH) and will resolve. Pretreat will hydroqinone.

HYPO-pigmentation has NEVER occurred and really cannot occur with an typical Active FX setting because ablation depth is 80-100 microns well under level of melanocytes.

References? Peer Reviews: Oh you bet: check out Lumines for all the past e-seminars. Great speakers who are very well known in multiple journals and clinical trials - Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Yale represented.

09.12 | Unregistered Commentermd

good product line, but ill have to agree with MD . the PEARL IS A BIG WASTE. even a MAX setting very poor results. you can even see their own before and after pics. texture better, poors better, pigmentation - better ----- NO TIGHTENING fine lines are still there. its only better not BEST or WOW just better


this would be very similar to PEARL.

my opinion ----- ABSOLUTELY NO TO CUTERA'S PEARL. A BIG JOKE from a company based on NONABLATIVE technology.

09.12 | Unregistered Commenterdkam

I am reading alot about service problems with Cutera and I agree!! over priced and service is not all that they promise. I dropped my contract with them due to the cost, I then had a problem with my XEO and looked all over for someone to fix and then again ran into the problem of not finding ANYONE to fix it!My machine was down for about one and a half months because I refused to contract Cutera. I kept looking and found Med1Online does service these machines for alot less than Cutera would ever consider!!!!! I had them fix a small problem and they offered me a service contract for about a third of the price as Cutera offers, I signed the contract in a heartbeat. They offer the same coverage for a very reasonable price. I even put 2 of my other machines under contract with them, the service rep said " they will beat any manufacturers price on any machine, and they cover anything under the sun." I am very impressed with thier service! I would advise all of you check them out.

09.25 | Unregistered Commenterlaserdoc

thanks for the info re: repair ! i am dropping the cutera "warrenty" contract.

09.25 | Unregistered Commentercutera

how can you wait 6 months for a completely MINIMAL ablation depth of 10-30 microns ????? There is barely any dermal heating !!!! what are you doing ????? This barely better than an IPL !!! come on people ------- science,

Please see published histology slides that will be out this month in Cosmetic Surgery and ASLMS for both Lumenis Fractional CO2; Active FX AND Reliants "RE:pair" fractional CO2 . Proof is proof. No speculations, no assumptions.

11.1 | Unregistered Commenterhmm

Hello everyone, I am about to purchase my very first laser which is a 2006 Cutera Xeo with the ND-Yag 1064, Titan and Intelligent Pulse light(LP560) second hand from another doc, for 65,000. The seller apparently bought it last year for 150K and has two other ones so he is trying to sell this one. Am I getting ripped off, with all the bad rep on Cutera, is this platform worth investing in. Appreciate any input

11.25 | Unregistered CommenterPG

P.G.-- The most important thing for you to do is to make sure you can obtain service contracts for repairs after the expiration of the original warranty at a reasonable price. Try to get pricing up front for flash lamp replacement and all other consumables.


Listen to what med spa guy says. I have been told that Cutera will not support the laser once you have purchased it. So you will not be able to buy replacement Titan handpieces. Just to let you know the 560 handpiece sucks. I have it and had to purchase another IPL system because it did not do what Cutera told me it would do.

Look at Cutera's service aggreement. Last I was told it would be between 12 to 15 thousand dollars per year. Non-cutera technicians can not get parts to work on your machine. Cutera will only support their techs with parts and then they will not let them work on your laser.

11.26 | Unregistered CommenterLH

There is nothing wrong with Cutera products. We have four of them and as any product goes, a lot depends upon the individual who is actually performing the service. You can give a set of Ping Golf Clubs to both Tiger Woods and Joe Smith. Same equipment, different results.

Your real problem is buying a 2nd hand Cutera product. If you want to get it serviced (and only Cutera will service this product), then you need to have it shipped to them and inspected.

Cutera will not train nor provide parts to any 3rd party. Do not believe anyone other than Cutera that they can service this laser.

11.26 | Unregistered CommenterWPS

Laser Doc & Cutera:

I would love to find a 3rd party who could actually service and replace parts for Cutera products. Where is Med1online getting their training and parts?

I, for one would rather pay Cutera than run the risk of being sued by a client because an unauthorized & a Cutera untrained technician put a unauthorized replacement part in one of our lasers, which subsquently caused a serious burn.

11.26 | Unregistered CommenterWPS


Were your initial comments directed at me for saying that the 560 sucks? Well it does. I think the 1064 is a workhorse but the other parts are not my first choice.

You have used the Tiger Woods thing before. Do not believe it. I have used the Cutera 560 to its maximum and it comes up short. I have a BBL with a 560 filter that can give 10 times the performance. Most of my patients are fitz 1-3 and very few were really happy with their results. So remember Tiger Woods even changes his equipment now and then to get better at what he does. So did I.

I just want PG to buy the equipment with their eyes wide open. They need to understand that with Cutera they will have a significant cost to have the system "certified" as they will have to pay shipping to and from their clinic and then pay the $1500 to have it certified. They do not have a choice but to have it "certified" otherwise they will not be able to replace the 560 flashlamp or even buy new heads for the Titan.

I really do not have a huge beef with Cutera products (although, I think there are better systems for the money), I have more of a beef with Cutera the company.

11.26 | Unregistered CommenterLH

Thank you very much for the inputs. As far the warranty, I talked to the rep who initially sold the laser to the current seller of the laser,and the plan is to add my name as partner of the seller for me to be included in the warranty and have the option of renewing it later. should I trust the rep here? is the price of 65K for a machine that was bought 17 months ago for 150K reasonable?

11.26 | Unregistered CommenterPG


No, my comments were not directed at you. Being an operations guy, I can't really make any creditable comments about technology comparisons other than what my partner and wife tells me. I do know that we are constantly approached by other laser manufacturers and as of this date, we have been unable to justify purchasing anyone elses equipment with the exception of Cynosure's triactive for cellulite treatments and pre and post op plastic surgery.

11.27 | Unregistered CommenterWPS


I do not know what the rep's motive is but it is better to be saafe than sorry. What is he or she getting out of this? Usually; sales reps are pretty much concerned with their next sale. Is this person getting a commission from the seller? If so; then I would have someone place a call to Cutera's service department and explain the scenario. Do not identify yourself. You will then at least get enough facts to make an intelligent decision.

11.27 | Unregistered CommenterWPS

$65,000 is not a bad price. Although if I were the seller, I would have difficulties keeping my name on the laser. Because the seller continues to have liability for any problems associated with that laser. I hope all works out well for you.

Make sure you know all of your costs going in. I have discussed them above.

11.27 | Unregistered CommenterLH

LH and WPS
Thank you very much for advice. You've been very helpful.

11.27 | Unregistered CommenterPG

To everyone:Please let me know your experience on using the Cutera
ProWave 770 for hair removal? Thanks!

12.1 | Unregistered CommenterLM

What a nightmare! The folks at Cutera have seemingly gone mad. I imagine that business is slow for them lately, and it shows. I agree with the person who said service contracts must be how they're cashing in these days. I am stunned at how virtually impossible it seems to avoid the exorbitant fees Cutera is asking for what I have experienced as substandard service. I have had too many "surprises" when it comes to their seemingly ever-changing service arrangements and hidden costs (I never know I'd be paying another $6800 for a "replacement" Prowave a little over 1 yr after I spent $25K to "buy" it!). Service contract information was never properly explained to me and I feel like I am being extorted for cash. My only options are to spend $16,000 (yes, $16,000!) for a 1-year service warranty (of course this does not cover Titan when it runs out of shots), or spend $6800 for a new Prowave (still paying off the $25K lease!)! I have spoken to more docs lately who deal with Cutera and it seems we are all told different things or left with different impressions about the longevity of the handpeices, service warranties, handpeice replacement and contracts. I get the feeling that whatever needs to be conveyed to make the sale is what is conveyed! Then once you buy, you are stuck! And of course they know they have a captive audience of customers who rely on the technology and have no other means of servicing the equipment. And of course all of this is as clear as mud when you are first being wheeled and dealed. It seems very short-sighted of Cutera to anger and frustrate their current client base and think they'll continue to get new business.
I admit, I enjoy the safety and efficacy of the 1064, Titan and Prowave, especially in the darker population we serve, but I am no longer convinced it's worth it. I would not purchase another item from Cutera, not because of the technology but because of the inferior service and what I consider to be unfair business practices. I feel misled and misinformed, which is very unsettling given that the business relies upon this technology!
Any attorneys out there??

SkinHealth MD sounds like one of the Dermacare franchisees that got roped into a 'required' equipment package with Cutera. We were told they had the premier technology for all the applications necessary for a successful clinic. I'm glad you are pleased with the Titan, but I think you are in the minority there. I don't have any issues with the ProWave, LP560 or 1064Yag, but then again, we didn't have nearly as much information available for comparisons as there is now. If we did, I probably would have made other equipment choices also. I am definitely with you in that we won't be buying any more Cutera equipment.

02.8 | Unregistered CommenterDermaDoc

Our Cutera Service Contract is up for renewal and I am anticipating all the above mentioned costs involved. Is Lisa Ward the national Cutera contract person? I am thinking of using up my Titan handpiece shots and not replacing them. Any new feedback on's service to Cutera lasers? Also, is it easy to sell this unit to a reseller?

Any help would be great. Given all these negative postings, any info on a class action lawsuit?

02.10 | Unregistered CommenterRippedOff

Class Action would be a great idea! I am having the same problems. The equipment seems to breakdown just a few days after the warranty expires.

02.11 | Unregistered CommenterskinMD

Ok - so I am a candidate for laser. I am doing my homework on a salon that uses Cutera XEO. As a recepient - should I beware? My other option is a salon that uses Candela. I appreciate your experienced opinions!

02.18 | Unregistered CommenterSceptic


You mentioned a salon. Depending upon what state you are in, standard beauty salons may or may not legally provide laser services. I happen to know most ofthe regulations in each state. If you will provide me with your state, I can pretty much tell you who can provide these services.

The first thing you need to ask for is the credentials of the individual providing your treatment. What certifications do they have? How many hours of actual classroom training have they taken and who trained them? How long have they been performing laser services. Check with your state cosmotology or medical board to see if there are any complaints about the individual or the salon. You can, usually do this online.Most certifications provided by the manufacturer are usually not worth the paper they are written on. These usually consist of a one day class more sales oriented than technically so.

While there are certainly differences between various laser manufacturers, we have found that the individual performing the treatments should be your #1 concern.

What service are you considering and what type of laser head are they recommending? The Titan Xeo has up to 8 different heads that can be used for a variety of services.

I have heard lots of complaints about the Cutera XEO on this blog but we, evidently, are one of the few med spas getting consistently good results with the product. You can find people complaining about every piece of equipment on the market. Some complaints have merit, but many do not. For the most part it is, usually, the persons who are performing the service that are the problem. The biggest problem with this industry is proper education and training. Make sure that you are using people who have it!!!!

02.18 | Unregistered CommenterWPS


I am in Florida, could you provide me with the regulations for aesthetic lasers in my state...this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

05.23 | Unregistered CommenterAFF

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