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Lumenis responds to Medical Spa MD's love and hate comments.

Lumenis seem to be some bad feelings towards some physicians who have posted comments on IPL and laser reviews and  Medical Spa MD physician clinical exchange forums.

Herer is the content of an email I received from Lumenis about comments in the forums of Medspa MD:

Message: Dear Sirs,

It has come to my attention that a physician has created a blog and has used foul language and misinformation as a campaign against the company Lumenis, Inc. This can be found at We are aware of this physician who has sent us profanity laden emails containing threats and libalous and malicious content. We are purusing this matter with our attorneys.

It appears that this same physician has created this blog, and is using several aliases to respond to his own questions and provide comments. Given the derisive nature of his comments, we are asking that you remove these unfortunate comments, as well as monitor future comments placed on this site.

I thank you in advance for your serious attention to this matter.

Rob Ellis
VP Global Marketing

There was at least one other email I recieved immediately after this one from someone stating that they had been asked by Lumenis to look at who was posting these comments. This person represented themselves as being tech-savvy and stated as above that most of the comments were left by someone posing as multiple individuals and responding negatively to questions that they themselves had asked.

With thousands of physicians reading this site each month the forums are very valuable and recieve a tremendous amount of traffic. It can certainly hurt a companies reputaton to have their IPL's, lasers, and management trashed. This is a good place to note that while information valuable, it should not be taken as more than what it is. It's entirely possilble that Lumenis is correct and this doctor is attempting to use tactics that are less than truthful.

Be somewhat suspicious of unidentified comments and please only use one screen name. If you're found to be doing something like this you may have your IP address blocked and all of your comments removed. It's happened before.

On my side it's about all I can do to try to keep the spammers out. On some days this site can get more than 25 new spam comments. With the 20-40 legit comments and 6-10 emails that's a lot and it's why I'm moving to distribute content to Medspa MD members via Senside.

Reader Comments (21)

“I am very unhappy with Lumenis. I cannot get answers from them to very simple straigntforward questions like the percent surface area covered by different density treatments. Dale Koop is one of their top executives in charge of support and he is terrible. It is like dealing with a 2 year old.
I would be very careful if you are considering buying a Lumenis Laser especially the ActiveDeepFx.
If you want any further information, please feel free to contact me at”
11.5 | Jeffrey E. Epstein, MD

This was my original post over a month ago. This followed 3 months of patiently and nicely trying to get answers from Dale Koop. My questions have still not been answered. Instead of supporting their physicians and answering my questions, Lumenis has decided to attack me and make false charges and accusations. That is fine. I am very patient. I can wait. I have a thick skin. Lots of people know me. I know the truth and they know the truth. Everything that I have said and posted is true. The truth will come out in the end.

The true nature of these laser company executives will be revealed if they decide to attack and try to discredit me. Dale Koop, in my opinion, is a (profanity). I have said it once, twice and I will continue to say it for as long as I live. He is a (profanity) and his actions and inactions are dangerous. He is in charge of physician education and support. He does a terrible job and this can lead to sub-optimal clinical outcomes and even dangerous and serious scarring of patient’s faces. We have seen a few examples of serious injuries on this blog (some of the people injured have left contact information so you can contact them). The fact that the other Lumenis Executives, including Mr. Ellis, are supporting Mr. Koop rather than investigating and fixing the problem makes them responsible and accountable (wow, new concept, executives responsible and accountable for what they do). Hey, guys, ever hear of listening to complaints from your customers and clients so you can get better and improve?

I have provided my name and my email address in my posts. Jeffrey E. Epstein, MD. There is not much more I can do. Instead of talking to me and finding out my side of the story, they have done the cowardly, corporate thing and hunkered down and decided to kill the messenger. I used to work for a 5 Billion dollar per year Health Insurance Company, so I know how these guys think and I know what they think they can get away with. Mr. Koop hates me for some reason (why didn’t he just do the easy thing and answer my questions?) and they have ONLY spoken to him. My prediction is that Mr. Koop will be fired when they take the time and make the effort to find out what has really happened. I stand by this prediction. The only thing I don’t know is how long they will act in this irresponsible and inept manner and how much damage will be done to their company before they wise up, investigate the situation and make an informed decision about what to do.

Would you buy a laser from a company that does not support their physicians, but instead ignores them and then tires to crucify them rather than deal with very important issues? They are blindly supporting a bad actor without investigating the situation. THIS messenger will not die, will not go quietly into the night and will not be intimidated. I welcome a good fight, so bring it on!

They accuse me of profanity . . . (so what, who cares) . . . I accuse them of not caring about patient safety and good clinical outcomes. I accuse them of not caring about their doctors or those doctor’s patients. I accuse them of not caring about patients who have been harmed by their lasers. I accuse them of trying to discredit doctors who complain about important issues rather than fixing the problems. Lumenis used to be a great company. Now it seems they are being run by fools (is fool a profanity?). Mr. Ofer, are you a fool? This is going on under YOUR watch. Mr. Ofer, you are ultimately responsible for the fate of your company. You had better be sure that Dale Koop is worth defending. You had better be damn (profanity) sure!

I am prepared to fight this out with them. I fight for better clinical outcomes with fewer complications. I fight for quality support for physicians from the laser companies. These are things worth fighting for. I was not looking for a fight, but I am prepared and ready, willing and able.

I have all the emails to and from Lumenis. You all have seen the blog (if not, read it, it is pretty good and, in my opinion, very acccurate and truthful). I have signed my entries on the blog. If anyone would like to see the emails Mr. Ellis speaks about, feel free to contact me at and I will send you copies. My emails are firm and very clear. I would send them again today. Mr. Ellis mischaracterizes them on purpose to make me look bad. I am proud of what I am doing and I stand by my emails. Someone like Dale Koop should not be a top executive in charge of physician support. This is not liable, this is my opinion, and, more importantly it this is true. “It ain’t liable if it is true”. I welcome the opportunity to explain this to any judge at any time in any court.

My bottom line to Lumenis is, and has always been . . . answer my questions and provide better support and I will be your best friend rather than your worse nightmare. The offer has not changed and will not change.

Just wanted to translate Mr. Ellis' email. He is so smart (just like hs fellow executives) the we had to go to the dictionary to understand what he was saying. You doctors are probably too stupid to understand such complex language (especially the non-cores) so I thought that I would provide definitions of his big and complex words. Hope this helps.

de·ri·sive (d-rsv, -zv, -rsv, -rz-)
Mocking; jeering

threat (thrt)
1. An expression of an intention to inflict pain, injury, evil, or punishment.
2. An indication of impending danger or harm.
3. One that is regarded as a possible danger; a menace

mal·ice (mls)
1. A desire to harm others or to see others suffer; extreme ill will or spite.
2. Law The intent, without just cause or reason, to commit a wrongful act that will result in harm to another

pro·fane (pr-fn, pr-)
1. Marked by contempt or irreverence for what is sacred.
2. Nonreligious in subject matter, form, or use; secular: sacred and profane music.
3. Not admitted into a body of secret knowledge or ritual; uninitiated.
4. Vulgar; coarse.
tr.v. pro·faned, pro·fan·ing, pro·fanes
1. To treat with irreverence: profane the name of God.
2. To put to an improper, unworthy, or degrading use; abuse

li·bel (lbl)
a. A false publication, as in writing, print, signs, or pictures, that damages a person's reputation.
b. The act of presenting such material to the public.
2. The written claims presented by a plaintiff in an action at admiralty law or to an ecclesiastical court.
tr.v. li·beled or li·belled, li·bel·ing or li·bel·ling, li·bels
To publish a libel about (a person). See Synonyms at malign

mis·in·form (msn-fôrm)
tr.v. mis·in·formed, mis·in·form·ing, mis·in·forms
To provide with incorrect information.

spite (spt)
1. Malicious ill will prompting an urge to hurt or humiliate.
2. An instance of malicious feeling.
tr.v. spit·ed, spit·ing, spites
a. To show spite toward.
b. To vent spite on.
a. To fill with spite.
b. To annoy: He did it just to spite her.

foul (foul)
adj. foul·er, foul·est
1. Offensive to the senses; revolting.
2. Having an offensive odor; smelly.
3. Rotten or putrid: foul meat.
a. Full of dirt or mud; dirty. See Synonyms at dirty.
b. Full of impurities; polluted: foul air.
5. Morally detestable; wicked: foul deeds.
6. Of a vulgar or obscene nature: foul language.
7. Very disagreeable or displeasing; horrid: a foul movie.
8. Bad or unfavorable: in fair weather or foul.
9. Violating accepted standards or rules; dishonorable: used foul means to gain power.
a. Sports Contrary to the rules of a game or sport: a foul boxing punch.
b. Baseball Outside the foul lines: a foul fly ball.
11. Entangled or twisted: a foul anchor.
12. Clogged or obstructed; blocked: a foul ventilator shaft.
13. Archaic Ugly; unattractive.

1. a person or device that warns, checks, controls, or keeps a continuous record of something
2. Brit, Austral & NZ a pupil assisting a teacher with various duties
3. a screen used to display certain kinds of information, for example in airports or television studios
4. a large predatory lizard inhabiting warm regions of Africa, Asia, and Australia
1. to act as a monitor of
2. to observe or record the condition or performance of a person or thing
3. to check a broadcast for acceptable quality or content [Latin monere to advise]
monitorial adj

un·for·tu·nate (n-fôrch-nt)
1. Characterized by undeserved bad luck; unlucky.
2. Causing misfortune; disastrous.
3. Regrettable; deplorable: an unfortunate lack of good manners.
A victim of bad luck.

Finally, a riddle. How do you tell that a Marketing Guy is lying? Answer: His lips are moving or his fingers are typing.

Thank you, Mr. Dictionary. Now I understand.
Let me answer Mr. Ellis' email again . . now that I understand.

I have NOT provided any misinformation. Everything that I have said is true.

My emails were NOT "profanity laden". Maybe a bad word here and there, but definitely not "profanity laden".

I did include a threat. I admit it. I told them that if they did not answer my questions and provide better support, I would tell everyone that they were not answering my questions and were providing bad support. I am a big believer in making sure someone understands the consequences of their actions or inactions before you go forward with the consequences. I thought I was being fair by warning them and giving them the opportunity to answer my questions and provide support.

Nothing I have said or written is Libalous. Everything that I have written and said is true. Period. I think that Mr. Ellis' email has possibly libeled me. He doesn't name me, but I could tell he was talking about me. I am not as stupid as I look.

Malice: Now pay close attention. "The intent, without just cause or reason, to commit a wrongful act that will result in harm to another". I have committed no "wrongful acts" and everything I have done is WITH just cause and a good reason. Therefore my emails contained NO malicious content.

Derisive: Yes some of my comments were derisive. So what. Who cares.

Bottom line is that Lumenis has not answered my questions and is providing terrible support to me. I have to assume that they are doing this to others as well. After all, when a policeman pulls you over for speeding, chances are you have sped 200 times for each time you get pulled over. A very telling statistic and it may be applicable in this situation.

We have read in the other blog (Lumenis Malcontents: Not Happy with Lumenis) how Lumenis treats the patients who have been injured by their laser, even when the injury occurred during one of their marketing efforts. I see a pattern here.

I did NOT write the following post. I DID copy it from Lumenis Malcontents and paste it here. I don't know if it is true but it sounds true. It would be easy to confirm. I have done this to illustrate the "culture of denial" that exists at Lumenis Headquarters. I HAVE personally communicated with another patient who was harmed by the DeepFx and I can tell you that he told the same story of uncaring abandonment. I have personally experienced the arrogance and contempt of the Lumenis top Executives. I hope BlinderByTheLight will come forward. I am sure Lumenis is aware of him/her. Why have they treated him so callously? I am seeing a pattern here. Remember, "it ain't libel if it is true". Jeffrey E. Epstein, MD

"I was a "model/guinee pig" 3 weeks ago at Deepfx workshop.

Three weeks out I still have "hot spots" on my face that won't heal. Not to be compared with what started out as "severe chemical burns to both corneas", and now my Opthomologist told me at my last visit it was probably the laser that burned my corneas. How could this be????? It was first believed to be the BLT accidently getting into my eyes. Those kind of chemical burns self heal within 48hrs. The Lumenis rep never called to check on me, nor did she set me up with a local contact doctor for follow up care.

I still have not regained my vision, and my eyes are very light sensitive.

Can't get a straight answer out of the rep or the preceptor doc as to what settings were used.

I haven't talk to the top execs so far. I truely am hoping my eyes and face heal and I can put this behind me. But if the preceptor doctor isn't doing this right, and I keep reading on this site that no answers are being given, what is going on?

I would like to talk to an experienced doctor about my Deepfx treatment, and what is normal as far as healing. I can't get a local Plastic to touch me with a 10 foot pole once they find out this was done by a doctor that left the next day for his home state .

Anyone want to help?

Also, just out of curiosity...Is it normal to hold these type of workshops in a restaurant, where the other docs are drinking wine and eating king crab legs and shimp, and then come try out the laser on the patient?

12.1 | BlindedByTheLight "

I have been following this post for some time as well as all others on the subject of fractional CO2. I want to add this technology to my offered services so input about manufacturers and clinical application from current users is worth following to me.

This post is actually quite a surprise. Frequent posters may remember a similar blog about dissatisfaction with Cutera (The old bull & the young bull). A VP of the company posted on the blog and offered assistance, service and personal attention to the Doctors with complaints about the lasers and services. I am not a big fan of Cutera products, but what this VP demonstrated was good PR and good business.

The surprise here is Rob Ellis VP of Global Marketing with Lumenis (pretty high up there) offered the exact opposite; extremely negative PR riding on the back of Lumenis, and an excellent example of poor business practice.

I own a small medical oriented business so I frequently deal with clinical, business, and legal issues. I am not an expert by any means but I have made some observations here.

Rob Ellis,
“Profanity” and “foul language” are subjective, I have not seen anything here you can’t find on nighttime local TV sitcoms or dramas.

“misinformation as a campaign against the company Lumenis, Inc.” If Dr Epstein and others feel Lumenis offers poor service, that is an opinion. If Dr Epstein and others asked questions that went unanswered, that would be fact. Hardly a campaign against the company.

“We are aware of this physician who has sent us profanity laden emails containing threats and libelous and malicious content. We are pursuing this matter with our attorneys.”

This has the undertone of a Defamation and Libel suit against the “Physician” (good luck with that one), and an indirect warning to Jeff Barson.

The pinnacle of your unprofessionalism comes from the following quote;

“Given the derisive nature of his comments, we are asking that you remove these unfortunate comments, as well as monitor future comments placed on this site.”

The arrogance and egotism of this statement is almost laughable. “Derisive”, by definition meaning; mocking, ridiculing or expressing contempt. Are you kidding me?? You do not like what has been said, so you want CENSORSHIP. Additionally, you want to tell Jeff Barson how to moderate HIS site. Sir, this is America and the First Amendment to the Constitution still stands.

Rob Ellis, you’re backdoor approach to this is distasteful. Even if the complaints about of lack service or information are unfounded, your backdoor unprofessional tactics are what I will remember when I hear about Lumenis.

Mr. Ofer (CEO of Lumenis),

This is my recommendation to you. You need to get personally involved in this situation. Do it now. I can’t image that you have anything more important than this on your agenda.

My issues involve Patient Safety, Clinical Results, Angry Physicians, Lost Sales, Falling Profits, Injured Patients (not my patients) and rotten corporate executives . . . pretty important stuff. You need to decide whether I am a jerk or whether I am right. You need to review all my emails (make sure they show you all of them), you need to review all the posts on You need to interview Mr. Koop and interview me. You need to check your corporate email system to see if Mr. Koop actually sent the email that he “claims” to have sent. Ask him why he didn’t answer my questions. Ask him why he still refuses to answer my questions. Ask him why he didn’t refer me to someone else to answer my questions if he was not going to answer them. Ask him why he sent me on wild goose chases to find information when it was not where he said it was going to be. Once you have done this, you can decide how to proceed. If you want to fight, that will be fine with me, you can try to trash me and my reputation (it won’t work, but you can try) . . . but at least you have made an informed decision. If you see that I am right, you can fix this mess that your USA Corporate Team has gotten Lumenis into.

When this is over, you can do whatever you want with Mr. Koop, just as long as I never have to see him or speak to him or rely or him or count on him or depend on him. When this is over, you can decide whether Robert Mann has the judgment and leadership skills necessary to be President of your US Operations. In my opinion, he has failed miserably.

You might find this interesting, but I love your lasers and would like nothing more than to fix this problem and become your biggest supporter. My local rep is great and the trainers are great. But . . . I cannot, and will not tolerate the type of support (and attitude) that I have gotten from Dale Koop and I cannot and will not tolerate the type of corporate culture you have developed with regards to clinical training, clinical education, best protocol development and best technique development. I am fighting for better clinical outcomes and patient safety. This should be a win-win. I don’t “get” what is going on at corporate, but I know it is wrong and needs to be changed.

It boggles my mind that your Executive Team from the USA has tried to smear me and discredit me without speaking to me and finding out what my side of the story is. It is not smart . . . it is kind of stupid. I think it reflects Robert Mann’s leadership ability and his judgment. It could have something to do with the relationship they all have with Dale Koop. What is going on there? Not only have they not spoken to me to try to seek the truth, but your company really does have some very serious problems and issues. Talk to me, I will tell you.

I am not stupid. Do you think I would take on Lumenis if I didn’t have very serious issues and an iron clad case? Who is Mr. Koop and why are people covering for him? Are you sure you want to risk your company by blindly supporting a man who has, in my opinion, put patient’s health at risk and physicians reputations and practices at risk? What else is he doing or not doing which could lead to patient harm, physician harm or harm to your company?

Ask your attorneys if they ever ask a witness in court a question when they don’t already know the answer. They will tell you that they always know what the witness will say. Right now we are in court. The blog is our judge and our jury. You had better know what I am going to say and do before you let this debate continue much longer on the blog. I offer you the opportunity to find out what I am thinking, why I am think that way and what I plan to do. I think this is very generous offer and I believe you would be wise to accept. If you are a good, honest man who truly cares about the doctors who buy your lasers and their patients, then you will strongly consider my suggestions. I look forward to hearing from you.

Mr. Ofer. These are my recommendations. I will make myself available to you. I strongly suggest you consider this advice and this offer.


Jeffrey E. Epstein, MD

One last note. Some of the plastic surgeons and dermatologists (and your fellow executives) will tell you that you are too important to waste your time with me. I am just a "non-core". They will tell you that Board Certified Internists are too stupid to operate a laser. We can run codes in hospitals, take care of the sickest patients in the ICU, but we are too stupid to operate a laser. I hope you don't buy into this type of reasoning. I also hope you don't buy into the notion that because you are the CEO of a major corporation, that you are somehow smarter than I am or too important to meet with me or talk to me. Remember, it has risen to your level because your executives have not taken care of this at a lower level.

Just a note to say my posts ere written by me, not Dr. Epstein. If Lumenis has a problem with anything I've written they can contact me. All my posts have included an email address. My injury is very real.

I am a patient, not a physician, But it seems like most of these issues would be more appropriately solved by a relatively short, and to the point, conversations. I encourage communication by phone, or in person.

I stand by the points I have made; I have been nothing but reasonable. I have been badly damaged by Deepfx. My Doctor obviously wasn't sufficiently trained to operate a very powerful laser and I wasn't provided any support after the fact.

After my injury I sought assistance from Lumenis and was refused. A physician I consulted, one of the countries top Docs with respect laser complications, sent Lumenis executives my photos and there was no response. Lumenis doesn't care that I was injured, and is not taking steps to make sure it doesn't happen again, to someone else.

People are getting hurt unnecessarily. For the patients safety, back off the legal threats and instead communicate, train, exchange information and solve problems and generally provide support of both physicians who need questions answered, and the patients, like myself, who have been injured.


Deepfx Injury

When we look back on the great men of the early 21st century with regards to Cosmetic Medicine, we will think of R. Rox Anderson, The Carruthers and we will think of Jeff Barson. By providing this platform (MedicalSpaMD), Jeff Barson has done more to advance Cosmetic Medicine than Anderson and the Carruthers combined. His platform has helped us get rid of Carl Mudd of Dermacare, Sona, Radiance and other "bad actors". He has helped us shine a Spot Light on Cutera and now Lumenis. No longer can the pampered and the spoiled corporate executives ignore patients and doctors. The rules of the game have changed for the better. Lumenis will live or die based on how they react to this crisis. Johhson & Johnson survived the Tylenol crisis because they reacted well and handled the problem with honesty and integrity. So far, Lumenis has reacted with "the usual dirty tricks, denial and threats of law suits". The ball has now been placed in the lap of the Lumenis CEO, Dov Ofer. Let's see what he is made of. Let's see if he is a man worthy of this challenge or if he is just another selfish, crooked, self-centered. egotistical executive who has brought us the AIG Fiasco, the Mortgage Fiasco, the Investment Banking Fiasco and the Auto Industry Fiasco.

These blogs have a way of bringing out "The Truth". The truth has a way of percolating to the top. It makes sense, it just seems right. Truthful blobs passe the "gut test". So thank you, Jeff Barson. Keep up the great work and keep your little gem protected from the Evil Corporate Executives and their tools who would seek to shut you down so they can control the flow of information and wipe out dissent and honest opinions.

When is a warning a threat?

Isn't it prudent to let people know what you intend to do before you do it (warning).
One man's warning seems to be another man's threat.
We think that using the word threat is just another way that weak and cowardly executives try to portray true heroes in a negitive light. Won't work here, you sniveling cowards!

Isn't saying "we are persuing this matter with our attorneys" a threat of a law suit? You executives are such hippocrites. Why can you threaten people but get all upset when you are warned about the negitive consequences of your cowardly behavior? Quit whining and act like men with souls and ethics.

The word warning may refer to:
a signal of danger, see
• warning chime
• warning sign
• warning system
• precautionary statements
Threat may refer to:
• behaviour that emphasizes one's aggressive potential, see threat display.
• An act of coercion wherein a negative consequence is proposed to elicit response (in the case of an empty threat there is no real negative consequence).
• Such an act of coercion between nations, a Threat of force (public international law).
• Environmental threat, as global warming.

I wonder if the Board of Directors knows what is going on with their company?

Harel Beit-On
Eugene Davis
Yoav Doppelt
Naftali Idan
Talia Livni

Who the hell do these executive think they are? Are they too good to answer questions from doctors? Do they think they are too good and too smart and too gifted and too special to lower themselves to answer questions from a doctor who owns their laser and wants to get better results? Who the hell do they think they are? Do they think they are entitled to their jobs? Do they think they won't get fired when all the facts come to light? Do they feel that secure? Who the hell do they think they are? Do they think they will be safe hiding at their country clubs or at their country estates? I say throw the bums out! Throw the bums out. We are seeing patients being injured because physicians are not trained properly and the support is inadequate. Throw the bums out. Where are they? Why aren't they answering questions? Who is accountable? Who will step up and rectify the situation? Will they wait until the market speaks (decreasing sales, decreasing profits, loses)? Who the hell do you think you are? Answer the questions! Provide support. Do it now! NOW! NOW! NOW! Not tomorrow . . . Today. We are sick of this type of disrespect for physicians. We are sick of it. Either answer the questions and provide support or we will throw you bums out of your nice cozy jobs. If you won't do your job, we will find someone who will do the job. Go dig a ditch where you can't cause any harm. Right now you are causing harm and you are responsible and accountable!!! We will hold you responsible. We know your names. You will all be fired. Start dusting off your resumes. No one will hire you because everyone is watching you make a mockery of your positions as top executives in the laser industry. Get some balls and do the right thing. Stop listening to you a hole lawyers and do the right thing. Do it now. We are tired of waiting. Do it now. Get some morals and ethics and some balls. You are all a disgrace. A disgrace.

Dr. Epstein,

Will you now admit that you are Derma Doc?

12.8 | Unregistered Commenter: )


No, I am not DermaDoc, but thanks for the compliment! :)

Carl, is that you?

First Samuel 17:34-35

And David said unto Saul: "Thy servant kept his father's sheep; and when there came a lion, or a bear, and took a lamb out of the flock, I went out after him, and smote him, and delivered it out of his mouth; and when he arose against me, I caught him by his beard, and smote him, and slew him."

smite (smt)
v. smote (smt), smit·ten (smtn) or smote, smit·ing, smites
a. To inflict a heavy blow on, with or as if with the hand, a tool, or a weapon.
b. To drive or strike (a weapon, for example) forcefully onto or into something else.
2. To attack, damage, or destroy by or as if by blows.
a. To afflict: The population was smitten by the plague.
b. To afflict retributively; chasten or chastise.
4. To affect sharply with great feeling: He was smitten by deep remorse.
To deal a blow with or as if with the hand or a hand-held weapon.

taunt 1 (tônt)
tr.v. taunt·ed, taunt·ing, taunts
1. To reproach in a mocking, insulting, or contemptuous manner. See Synonyms at ridicule.
2. To drive or incite (a person) by taunting.

Greetings. I had Active/Deep FX done to my face in June of 2008. I have been severely scarred from the procedure. I have ice-pick type marks all over my face, in additional to severe hyperpigmentation. The overall texture of my face has gone from smooth and virtually flawless to the appearance of a severely textured wall. I am distraught and do not know what to do. My surgeon was/is reputable and experienced, but admits he has never seen a case like this before and quite frankly, does not know how to treat me. Can you help me at all? I feel Lumenis needs to be more up-front about these issues. I have met several women whose lives have been destroyed as a result of this laser. Any input/help you could provide would be most appreciated. Thank you.

12.9 | Unregistered CommenterLauri

Hi Lauri,

I might have some information that could help you. If you like you can email me.


deepfx injury

Rogue: Independent, Unpredictable, Dangerous.

I am RogueMD and I am here to get to the bottom of this tiff.
I will contact the doctor and find out why he thinks Dale Koop did not and will not answered his questions, Robert Mann did not and will not intervene and why Dov Ofer is doing nothing (Fiddling while Rome Burns).

It just does not make sense, that they would not answer his questions.
There must be more to the story.
I will attempt to clarity for all.
I am RogueMD and I am independent, dangerous and unpredictable.
I am also a playfully mischievous person.
I love trouble and I love good juicy fights. This one seems good and juicy.

12.10 | Unregistered CommenterRogueMD

I just asked the doctor why he thought they wouldn’t answer his questions and he said he didn’t know, but he suspected something weird, like something out of Desperate Housewives or a Jackie Collins Novel. This is his response:

Things started to go badly after this email to Amy Easterly with a copy to Dale Koop and Robert Mann. I had been waiting months for answers to simple questions and now they were SLOWLY answering one question at a time and dragging it out. I guess I was grumpy this day. They deserved my attitude months ago. I am glad I finally gave it to them . . . Now they were seeing a glimpse of how I could be when I thought I was being jerked around.

Now, why would Dale Koop and Robert Mann decide to not answer my questions after this email. Is there something MORE going on with Amy Easterly that they are SO SENSITIVE when she and they have been so unresponsive and irresponsible? I have no proof of this, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was hanky panky going on at Lumenis USA Headquarters. What else explains their reaction to my justifiably annoyed email Again, I have no proof and no evidence, but I know human nature and I bet there is something “rotten” going on between Dale Koop, Robert Mann and Amy Easterly. Maybe Dov Ofer is somehow involved. Somebody is protecting someone or someone is oversensitive because there are “feelings” involved. No proof, but when the onion get peeled back . . . I bet we see the smoking gun!

My short and pithy email that started this whole mess:

Work harder and faster.
I have run out of patience!
It has been 4 days since your last email and months since I asked these questions.
Dr. Epstein
In a message dated 10/10/2008 3:28:38 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, writes:
I have received the following responses to Dr. Epstein’s questions. I am working to get the remaining answered.
Kind Regards,
Amy Leah Easterly
Product Marketing Manager
Lumenis Aesthetic

12.10 | Unregistered CommenterRogueMD

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