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Botox Scary: $100 vial from China?

The scariest Botox email that I've received in a while came today. I'm just guessing here but it appears that the email comes from China:

"We are offering 100IU vials of botulinum type A. Equal to Allergan brand of Botox.  Excellent product, long lasting results. $100 per vial. We also have the best generic Restylane on the market. Crosslinked for excellent long lasting results.
We sell to many spas, nurses and doctors in the USA. We have helped them to grow their business and see more profits. You are guaranteed to receive your order, we offer fast service.
Contact us
[phone number]"

Anyone using this type of product on a patient is headed for big trouble.

Reader Comments (29)

well we already know they make fake viagra so im sure the product is fake . I dont buy a damn thing from china they dont even care about human life just profits. when will our government wake up and stop the nonsense of the junk imported from china - many people are realising its destroying our beautiful country

07.7 | Unregistered Commentersingh

buying black market Botox is not the smartest or safest way to cut back on costs. Try cutting back on consumables and staff overflow, never compromise your service. Also why help China's economy when we are in a are recession... lets support our Country... DONT BE CHEAP, it gives all us medspa owners/doctors and bad rap!!!

A Doctor here in Texas is currently in JAIL for using fake Botox:

07.8 | Unregistered CommenterRLS

Sorry- that was only for the conviction- here is a link for the sentencing:

07.8 | Unregistered CommenterRLS

Is everything in China like, fake now? I've heard so many things that are fake and they mostly come from China. Hmm... this makes me wonder if China's fake too. Gaah! I knew that Thesaurus was fake and so was that map! China is a mythological land, isn't it!? :D lol j/k.

But kidding aside, let's be more alert when it comes to choosing "health-altering" products. It's better to spend more on safe treatment, than to save a few products on a fake product and croak a few days later. X.X

07.10 | Unregistered CommenterJames

I meant to say: "It's better to spend more on safe treatment, than to save a few BUCKS on a fake product and croak a few days later. X.X"

Sorry for my low quality senses-- they seem to come from China too. lol

07.10 | Unregistered CommenterJames

It came from china then return to china, there is nothing you can doi about it people.

Let's look at the big picture. When the American economy was strong, was it b/c we were cutting corners and making the fast buck? Just look at GM/Ford/Chrysler to see what happens to organizations that skimp on quality. I work with plastic surgeons across the country and from Honolulu to Saratoga Springs, BOTOX is a brand that has enormous respect. It's been a savior to our industry that let's face it, has been otherwise flat for this entire decade. Don't cut corners and risk ruining the BOTOX brand - non surgical treatments have been very good to the cosmetic surgery and medical spa industry - let's not kill the goose.

07.23 | Unregistered Commentermattman

I was recently made aware of a product called "Dyspot" to compete with Allergan's Botox. I understand Dyspot is currently not available in the U.S. but physicians may be smuggling this drug through the custom to save a few bucks.

We use dysport commonly in the UK - It is a UK made botulinum toxin type A and is very well studied -you can check the numerous articles on pubmed. It has a lower protein count than botox which may suggest lower resistance levels after years of use ..In fact a new brand from Germany (Xeomin) - has 0% protein which makes it the safest b.toxin to use....Dypsort has been licenced in the Uk for a while now whereas xeomin has just gotton licence last year. Dypsort I have heard will have license by the us fda by the end of the comes in vials of 500units (not equivalant to botox units.....approx.1:3 ratio...botox/dysport)..around the same price as botox though.
However, the difference between the two product noted in some studies found on pubmed is that dysport lasts longer in patients with hyperhidrosis...

11.10 | Unregistered CommenterJohn D

if i was going to put that stuff in my face i wouldnt be bying if from some email sent to me, $100 is good but i wouldnt buy something that your injecting into your self from a non trusted source

china sends numrous kinds of botoxes to our country iran. why physicians accept to inject these unknown materials to their patients? the simple answer is the price, because they sell their 100 unit botoxes about 80 $ and you can inject it to 2 persons at least....... i'm sorry about this , and i realy ask physicians to do something ... if these botoxes are safe why they didn't have any certificate? i see many side effects that you can't see them with dyspot and alergan botox.i believe we have to do something ... help me

12.29 | Unregistered Commenterdr kiana

In Oz many docs use Dysport. In fact most docs who try it prefer it to Botox. I use Dysport almost exclusively now. I think I have fewer treatment failures. Dont listen to allergan reps who will blast Dysport any way they can and often using very unfair comparissons - when you get it in the USA try it and see for yourself.

04.30 | Unregistered CommenterTopher

My sister lives in China with her husband. She had got Botox in Canada several times before she moved there. She got her first and her last dose of cheap "Botox" from China last week. After the injections she began having severe chest pain, and was admitted to the hospital. She was put on an IV with meds and her husband translated that they said her heart wasnt pumping blood fast enough through her body. She phoned me crying and afraid after she was released. I am just happy she is still alive.

I have been to and have received Botox from china, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. It is not fake, it's just generic. The Allergan people will have you believe all sorts of monstrosities so they can keep exclusivity on the market. Allergan charges $500 per bottle of 100U, while the exact same botulism toxin type A compound might cost $100 for the same vial.

I've had the Botox injections on my forehead and crows feet for the last year, and have taken 2 of my friends there, It works the next day, I don't pay an arm and a leg, and it's safe the same way the Allergan Botox is. Sure we don't like products from China, but I prefer keeping money in my pocket more.

I have been getting generic Botox which I was told was from china and have been just fine. It's much cheaper, works quickly and lasts me about 5 months on my forehead. I don't mind the savings, and we all know that generic products are the same in composition.

Are these people for real? I'm leaving these comments here to show just how stupid some people are.

Very interesting article about fake Chinese and Russian Botox and fake Botox produced by various terrorist groups including Al-Qaeda who sell them to raise money and also plan to use as a terrorist weapon.

Officials fear toxic ingredient in Botox could become terrorist tool

If link doesn't work:

02.11 | Unregistered CommenterRealMD

O, please, now... Al-Qaeda...Russia... Thats how you start a WAR, right here! Just make your money on BOTOX, quietly and don't be greedy! Relax! Its going to be enough for everybody... Its simple - there are people who live in mansions and people who live in small apartments. If someone can't afford to be pretty, the have a choice, thank God! thank you China!
By the way...i am not Chinese. :)

03.13 | Unregistered Commentersmile

I have injected for 10 years. I have injected Allergan, I have injected Dysport, and I have injected Botox from Canada and as well injected Botox from China. THE RESULTS ARE THE SAME PEOPLE. In fact, the Canada Botox is BETTER than the USA Botox. Here is the deal.......... The Canadians want our business and so does the country of China. If either of those countries sell the USA bad product, they will lose USA paying customers. Canada and China do not want to harm citizens from their own countries, why would they want to make a dangerous product and risk harming their own population. For you skeptics out there........... order some from both countries, try it under your arms and you will see IT IS PERFECTLY PERFECTLY FINE. Allergan and Medicis are robbing the doctors in the USA and laughing all the way to the bank.

What is more foolish, trying to use Botox from China for $100 for one or two areas, or spending $400-600?
Corinthian: 1.27: "and it will be the foolish things in the world that will bring the wise to shame. "
Allergan projected a profit of 4.5 billion in 2010, earnings because of the obesity epidemic and on the aging process.
I doubt Allergan is interested in fixing the obesity epidemic or the aging crisis of the baby boomers anytime soon.
Chinese medicine is as old as civilization itself, and why should they send No-Good Botox. It is much more likely that one dies from 20 extra strength Tylenol. Allergans major threat is competition and they have manipulated all the doctors.

01.7 | Unregistered CommenterRegina

Is the "Chinese botox" actually botunlinum toxin? I'm weary of Chinese products in general (not that many can be avoided). Have we forgotten the melamine in their dog food, the lead in their toys and the formaldahyde in their drywall?

01.10 | Unregistered CommenterInnovaMed

Some people are trying to maintain their profit margin by taking advantage of the fact that the public are worried about Chinese products.
They want people to believe that generic drugs and fake drugs are the same thing. They are not! After all, botox, Allergan or not, is basically botulinum toxin. IF you can source genuine Chinese botox, it is safe and effective to use it.

05.21 | Unregistered CommenterTony

Has anyone ever ordered from ? They are selling a Botox product called BT... any advice & experience with this product is much appreciated.

06.24 | Unregistered CommenterHaime

@Haime, I can't believe that anyone would be so stupid that they would actually consider inject an unknown toxin that you bought online from a website with no phone, no address, no ownership, and no information about what's in the product into your own body? It actually amazes me that people are this dumb.

As a physician practicing for over 25 years and a medical expert I have unfortunatly seen many instances of patient neglect and malpractice. I can also tell you that the FDA is a very important means of protecting the public. I enjoy reading posts like this were people, especially those with the least to loose spew out "facts" as if they have performed exhaustive studies on the subject. Especially ones who can not perform their task unless they work under the license of another.
Bottom line kids and here we go.....should a patient have an adverse outcome to your imported botox and it went to a trial. During discovery a good lawyer would get the purchase records of all your botox and see not only where it came from but who it went to. Oh you dont record the lot number on the pt record..humm.
Then you had better have told the patient oh by the way ....I didnt buy this from Allergan it was to pricey so I bought it from another country...dont worry i know its fine the ad said excellent product , long lasting, yup its fully legal....i believe its may be legal......someone on a website that I dont know said it was.
When this comes out and with a good reviewer it will and its brought out that you circumvented the FDA and gave an unapproved drug to a citizen then there would be hell to pay, licenses lost. The only good would be if they made a genuine post of the catastrophy.

11.15 | Unregistered Commentergm

WHOA..... If a product is NOT FDA approved .... it is NOT legal even if it is an exact copy of an approved product. FDA goes to China to inspect their manufacturing process. It is NEVER approved unless they apply for approval and get inspected.

Just having what seems to be an exact copy is not adequate.

Which would you rather have injected in you? If you INSIST ON FDA APPROVED BOTOX then that is what you have to give your clients or patients. Otherwise you are NOT ETHICAL. There is no double standard. You have to use the BEST.

OR ask the patient which product they want. Let the client choose and PAY. You merely make it available if they insist. That way it is bounced back to the patient. Remember,,, If it is not FDA approved it is not legal. If a lawsuit develops you have another problem. Doctors keep a record of the control numbers of all drugs and devices they put in the body. Like the knee and hip replacements that are failing. The control numbers are on the patient record in case there is a recall.. You should all keep a record of the product, batch number, and maker in case there is a recall. IT GOES WITH THE TERRITORY..

02.21 | Unregistered Commenterlefty2g

GM doc is right - you will lose your licensure if any patient has a response to a FDA unapproved product, WHETHER ITS LEGITIMATE OR NOT. And no, you can't let the patient decide. If you are the provider, your the one responsible - period. That's how a court is going to see it, and that's how the licensure board is going to see it. Having said that - let me point out that China just EXECUTED the head of their Food and Drug Administration for ok'ing drugs for bribes. I "appreciate" the contributions of the FDA, but they don't exactly have the cleanest hands in the pot, either. Would I use Chinese botox on a patient? Absolutely not. Would I try it on myself? Most likely. Oh, and whoever was quoting biblical scriptures during this blog, um, can you not partake in the discussion? This really has nothing to do with the other, no matter how hard you reach.

04.12 | Unregistered Commenterns

Note from the management,
First, we've removed a couple of comments for violations of our terms against posting solicitations.

Second, there seems to be a discussion over FDA approval for drugs that are being marketed from China as 'Botox' or being touted as being similar to Botox or Dysport. To the best of our knowledge there is NO drug that is available from China that has any FDA approval for anything.

Third, from some of the comments that we've deleted it appears that there are non-medical individuals who are/were purchasing purported 'Botox" like products from China and injecting themselves. We have posted about this before:
Botox Self-Injectors & Entitlements
Fake Botox or not, Discount Medspa is going to jail.

However, please be aware that this community is an international one with physician members from 70+ countries (including China), and your point of view may not be entirely applicable to the community as a whole. We would ask everyone that you keep this in mind when commenting.

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