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Fake Botox or not, Discount Medspa is going to jail.


Via an almost unbeliveable story on Wired:

A website that sells a prescription drug similar to Botox without requiring a prescription claims it has more than 2,000 customers. Some have learned how to inject the botulism-derived drug into their own faces from YouTube videos produced for the site.

Discountmedspa sells a variety of other DIY cosmetic treatments, including prescription Renova, and lip-filling gels. The botulinum toxin-derivative for sale on the site is Dysport, produced by the pharmaceutical company Ipsen and is a competitor of Allergan’s Botox. The site simply calls it “the Freeze.”

A Grand Prairie, Texas, woman, Laurie D’Alleva, who appears to be the site’s proprietor, performs treatments on herself in self-made videos posted to the site’s YouTube channel. In one video, D’Alleva pulls out a vial of what is presumably Dysport and a syringe filled with saline.

“It’s important to remember that you are mixing the potency of the botox,” she says, mixing the contents of the vial with the saline solution. She then injects her forehead and the areas around her eyes.

Ipsen received FDA clearance to sell Dysport in the United States a few months ago, but it’s a prescription medication. It’s the first direct competitor for the branded Botox, which is the most popular cosmetic treatment in America. Doctors did more than 2.4 million Botox procedures in 2008, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. In recent years, the vast amounts of money spent on the treatment have attracted scams and knockoffs, which the FDA has had to crack down on. In May, the FDA also ruled the drug needed a tougher “black-box” warning label to reflect an increased understanding of the small, but real risks of the treatment.

In the U.S., it is illegal for anyone but a doctor or nurse practitioner to prescribe drugs to patients and only pharmacists can dispense drugs to people.

Video: The original YouTube video was pulled by DiscountMedSpa on Wednesday, October 28. had saved the source and has embedded that video in the story.

In a blog post response to a customer’s skeptical query, Laurie provided the following explanation for the legality of her site and the provenance of her products.

I know there is much information out on the net about fillers and Botox ‘knock-offs’. This is not what I am selling! The products I have are from a company names Ipsen… I have a connection that allows me to get products that are not usually available in the states because I purchase other products in their line. Now the trick is I have to market it and label it under my own brand, to keep them and myself from getting into any legal trouble. It does take a leap of faith, but I assure you I have over 2000 customers now who love the products and are saving literally hundreds of thousands of dollars between us!

“I watched a Doctor on do this to a patient and he warned people not to inject below the eyes however I had to put a smile on my face too,” Lesley commented on a blog post. “The trick to this is to hold a pencil just at the corner of one side of your mouth and inject two units of Freeze at the very bottom of your chin. This will cause your [sic] very end of your mouth to turn up. Then do the other side the same way. If you don’t get it even you may have a crooked smile so be very careful that the injection is placed in exactly the same place as the other side.”

Her recommendation for another user is to “watch and you will learn a lot of some of the Doctors [sic] secrets to recreating your face the way you want to look.”

Other women describe mishaps with over-injecting the drug.

“My Dr. would never inject the crows feet. I did and got GREAT results!” wrote a commenter named Pat. “Unfortunately, I can’t read those little hash marks on the syringe too well and over injected above the brow on one side. A week later I’m now sporting a half closed and swollen eye, and look ready for Halloween!”

the Texas Department of State Health Services released the following statement, but would not comment further.

“The Texas Department of State Health Services is aware of through a complaint we received. That complaint status remains open and under review,” the agency wrote.

The complaint was made under the Texas Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, which regulates the sale of prescription drugs like Dysport in the state.

“Botox is a prescription drug that must be dispensed or sold by a licensee pharmacy and only with a prescription from a licensed practitioner. Any over-the-counter sale of Botox is illegal,” the agency affirmed.

Unbelieveable that people could be so dumb as to inject themselves with Botox... or anything else for that matter. Discount Medspa's owner is definately headed for the slammer.

Reader Comments (136)

i can assure you that what laurie sold was real and because im not an idiot i can research things myself to get the best results. i learned to inject myself it was easy and not painful AT ALL. i am very happy with my results and i hate people like you and the people who have a problem with things so easy that a child could do if needed.

11.5 | Unregistered Commenterjada

@ jada: Punctuation please. If you're going to hate people, at least do it with some semblance of correct grammar. However, thank you for the thoughtful comment.

Yea right doctors pay 350$ for 100 units of Botox and charge people 10-15$ for 1 unit ......i can inject by myself with better results.

11.8 | Unregistered Commenterbarb

For some reason there are a group of americans that feel they must take away the rights of other americans. It's our own business! Keep your noses out! Control is the theme of the year ever since that moron got into office. If smoking dope is okay with the moron than leave our botox self injection alone, no one is having a problem with it except the money grubbing doctors and pharmacys that sell the stuff. Bug off!

11.13 | Unregistered Commentern. hughes

Funny we can inject ourselves with insulin and yet because of the greed of physicians, someone like Laurie is put out of business because why? She put the choices into the hands of the people.. Lets face it.. watch a few vids... and anyone could do it.. It's no rocket science.. We as a nation should have a choice.. and I'm tired of jealous money grubbing pigs tearing our choices from us..

11.13 | Unregistered CommenterKate

As long as fillers and botox are out-of-pocket they will always be "doctor only." It makes my head spin to think how quickly things would change if insurance had to pay for them.

11.14 | Unregistered CommenterMarie

Funny we can inject ourselves with insulin and yet because of the greed of physicians, someone like Laurie is put out of business because why? She put the choices into the hands of the people.. Lets face it.. watch a few vids... and anyone could do it.. It's no rocket science..

Well, you also can run into any supermarket and buy Ibuprofen over the counter and self-medicate, what do you say you also self-medicate with any prescription medication, and while you're at it, why don't you just care for your own health altogether, after all if you can shoot insulin, you certainly can manage your own health... :rolleye:

so now where can i buy similar products if she is going to jail? i would love a cheaper way to improve myself

11.14 | Unregistered Commenterbonnie

she will not go to jail

11.14 | Unregistered Commentertom

I have been a nurse for almost 30 years and the name of the game is MONEY! Plastic surgery is a big CASH business, and the minute the doctors feel their livlihood threatened, they go on the offensive. Not every MD who has injected Botox has gotten a stellar result, and I am sure they have ALL dropped a brow or 2. If you buy the products, it is understood that you accept the risks. There is enough business for everyone with us baby boomers not wanting to look our age, thanks to what we see on TV. If you want to get pissed off about something, how about going on the offensive about the ridiculous portrayal of aging (and young) women given to us by the media and the UNREALISTIC standards we are trying to meet.

11.15 | Unregistered CommenterFaith

Any other suggestions or price guides you could offer as I look into this for the first time? Thanks!

Email me and I will tell you whee you can get better that laurie's and costs less too! I am proof,my friends and family are also. This ladies is so good I would never go back to Botox. The FDA is in it for the money and not our health. They let cigarettes,booze and Ritalin for kids killing themselves just keep going. Eyeliner and mascara are more dageroud than Btx self injections. They want to keep us stupid and try to scare us. they shopuld aso reveal that the people who were hurt or died from ay of this were children wth disease who were givn high doses in other areas of their bodies. The FDA does not regulate how doctors use it. They go through a 3 hours class to inject it. What is the best way to learn?(DO IT YOURSELF) Trust me is you are allergic you will know before you ever buy on line.

11.18 | Unregistered CommenterKELLY

kelly where can I get better that laurie's Botox for less price can you let me know ?

11.18 | Unregistered CommenterTom

Yet you self-injectors will be the first ones to run to a lawyer or your friendly-neighborhood derm or PS when something goes wrong with your home treatment...

I did purchase from Discount MedSpa and injected myself with Freeze (crows feet and forehead). I am extremely happy with the results. I will definatley do it again. I also have a college education and run my own business, so don't call me stupid. I looked into having a 'professional' inject me with Botox. It is rediculously expensive and they did not have a medical degree - but it is legal. Why can't I do it myself? If I do mess up, its my fault. I and so many other women feel that way. And actually 'Incredulous' I am actually the last person that would ever sue anyone.

Mind your own business.

11.19 | Unregistered Commentermickey

Caveat emptor, Mickey.

Tax evation will probably bring her down. My sister bought botox from her and paid sales tax! I told her she didn't have to pay tax on stuff out of stateso she emailed her and she wo'nt right back.

11.19 | Unregistered CommenterJulie

I have used the Freeze product from Discount Medspa with great results. The over priced Doc I received injections from did not do any better job than I did myself. It took 10 minutes and study on facial muscles. If the product is pure I see no problem with being able to inject at home. This is already an underground industry posing dangers without product controls.
Of course if you stand to make money you are not going to like the idea of Botox available to the public, when you can make huge profits.

11.19 | Unregistered CommenterKarly

I am so f'ing pissed right now!! I found Laurie's web site about a month ago and was going to order mid October but then my car broke down!! Now that I can afford to make a purchase again I tried to go on the site and it's gone! Of course it's because of the GREEDY SOB dermoidiot dr's losing a few dollars of their business that this has happened. I saw BS warnings all of the internet from these damn dr's that you should never do it yourself. Listen, I was getting BOTOX for 11 years from dermatologists, long before most people had ever hear of it ( well I did live in Boca Raton.what can I say ) Last year I lost my very well paying job and now I cant afford to spend the $800-$1200 a visit anymore. When I went to Laurie's site I thought it would be a horror show the way these idiots were posting crap about it on other sites. To my delight I found it to be professional, informative (much more insightful than any dr that I went to!) and best of all I COULD AFFORD IT. If anyone really does know how to obtain this product please email me at the address below. By the way, all that statement from the Texas board of such and such said was that a complaint was filled and the web site was taken down. Laurie, or any of her friends that may be reading the responses here, if you still have product, I am still in the market. PLEASE email me!!

Thank You,

11.20 | Unregistered CommenterMaryann

People probably could learn how to do their own Botox just as they could learn to cut their own hair. Why spend 100's of dollars at a salon when you could get scissors and hair dye and just do it yourself? Because, the sylist has been trained in the details that make your hair look better than doing it yourself and it's worth the extra money.

I love that I found DiscountMedSpa AKA Laurie! The site clearly states that you are to take the product to your Doctor to have it injected, it's called a Clause! Thank you Laurie for your product and if they put you in jail for helping women feel good about themselves then they are "Wrong" not YOU! These are grown adults making a decision to purchase the product, they then assume all liability and risk! This is the one thing I hate about our Country! We are all treated like sue happy children! If I want to Freeze my face then let me and stay out of my business. It's not like I am harming anyone else. It's not like I am unfamiliar of the risks. It's not like I am jumping off a bridge and acting irritational, it's Cosmetic!

11.22 | Unregistered CommenterMurphy RN

P.S. It is definitely NOT fake, I have used her products and they are great!

11.22 | Unregistered CommenterMurphy RN

"The site clearly states that you are to take the product to your Doctor to have it injected, it's called a Clause"

What doctor in the world is going to accept the responsibility/liability to inject an unknown substance into a patient so the patient can save a few bucks? Obviously that is just CYA by the site selling this product. They know it will not happen.

I think you guys are making a mistake injecting yourself, but whatever. If want to, buy it, pick up a needle and syringe and jab it in yourself. If you are happy--great.

But when something goes wrong don't expect me to help you out.

11.22 | Unregistered CommenterRealMD

And you do, of course, remember the recent disaster with the fake Botox coming out of Tucson. Ventilators for years, paralysis for years, prison for years, and all sorts of "unpleasant' events.

But they saved a few bucks.

The margin for error with production of Botulinum toxin is extremely narrow. It is the most potent toxin on Earth. That is why anyone who trusts anything other than tightly controlled, pharmaceutically produced Botulinum toxin is crazy.

It is not the risk of a drooping eyelid from incorrect injection technique that is the concern. It is the risk of paralysis and death from incorrectly prepared toxin.

I certainly hope this stuff is not real Botulinum toxin prepared in someones kitchen but rather some placebo.

You might as well play Russian roulette. With 5 bullets in the chamber.

11.23 | Unregistered CommenterRealMD

I love discountspa and after 12 years of being injected by doctors (and some did a reallly bad job) I have learned how to do this procedure myself I am very good at it If anyone feels it not right don`t buy it, do to t a doctor and get it done with someone who knows how (and watch because thats how you learn) I would never never inject anyone with my personal injectables

11.23 | Unregistered CommenterBrenda

I am so upset to hear the website is gone ! great products...Please , anyone let me know of a good website to buy my products !!!

11.24 | Unregistered CommenterDiane

I charge a reasonable price for my Botox - $8 per unit if the patient does 40 units or more. I find that 40 units is enough to do the forehead, glabellar, and crows feet. I believe cosmetic procedures sould be affordable and spending $320 every 4-6 months is reasonsable. Coffee addicts easily spend that much at Starbucks every 4-6 months. You can check out my website at I am located in the Denver, Colorado area.

11.25 | Registered Commenterasianmd

Yea she and all these other money hungry Doctors thinks $320 every 4 to 6 months is reasonable thats crazy!!! I was purchasing 100 units of Freeze for $149.00 and was doing it myself do you think I am going to spend $320.00 for 40 units and have someone else do it, that does not know me nor my expressions better than I know my own expressions the ones I like and the ones I dont. This is my face and my money I should have the choice on whom I spend my money with this is not crack or some illegal drug. Besides I have had injections down before by a Doctor and I got a better result doing it myself once again leave us alone!!! Laurie is not pushing anyone to do anything we dont want to do ourselves.

I have been giving myself my own injections without any problems I learned just like the Doctors would have learned by studying do you really think we want to hurt ourselves of course not, but mistakes happen and they happen also in the Doctors office so whats the difference at least if I miss up I know not to do it that way again by the time the Doctor see me again after injecting 100"s of people do you think he will remember the mistake he made on me nope he won't even remember me!

So you keep forcusing on your rich clients and leave us the hell alone. Yea same old, same old. The rich getting richer on the back of the middle class this is why they are trying to get Laurie in trouble because she is making it affordable for the everyday women the ones that cant afford hollywood prices. Leave Laurie alone Freeze is not threating Botox they are making their money and no one is promoting botox it called FREEZE get it.

I frankly don't care if you guys want to inject yourself with this "Freeze" whatever it is. As long as you don't ask for medical help when you screw up or it turns out to be dangerous like the "fake botox" of a few years ago. Maybe you can intubate yourself and have a friend run the ventilator.

BUT what Laurie is doing is illegal. She is not a physician or a registered pharmacy and is not allowed to dispense injectables directly to the public. They will shut her down and she will be prosecuted.

11.25 | Unregistered CommenterRealMD

RealMD, you sound more like realCOP.

11.26 | Unregistered Commenterfifi

Please post this right away!
Two days ago my credit card was charged by MedSpa Can for $632.13 and I had not ordered any products. I have emailed her and called her but no return call. This morning her site is down and her voicemail is full. Everyone cancel your credit card that you used with her and check your accounts. If you have been charged, call the Mansfield Texas police department at 1-817-473-0211.
The address that she used on the email she sent me to let me know the change in the website name, listed the address of Ontario Med Spa as: [redacted].
The Mansfield Texas police department just called me back while I was writing this and told me that the Texas Attorney General has shut her down yesterday 11-25-09.
She is in a lot of trouble! And facing huge fines! She may be hitting every ones cards. Check your accounts!

This is the article that appeared on line at CBS:

Now I have to dispute the charge and I may not get the money back.
Laurie how can you live with yourself knowing that you have stolen from me and maybe many others!!!

11.26 | Unregistered CommenterTracy

No I am a real physician, a dermatologist, practicing exclusively cosmetic dermatology. I do Botox all day long.

I am actually a libertarian and agree in principle that you should be allowed to do whatever you want to your body and I don't care if you inject anything as long as I don't have to personally pick up the pieces or pay for your medical care as a taxpayer when a disaster occurs.

My problem with you guys injecting an unknown purported neurotoxin is as I said above: not the risk of a droopy eyelid but rather the risk of paralysis and death. Botulinium is the most potent toxin on Earth. There is no margin for error in the production and dosage. I am very comfortable with Allergan's Botox and Medicis's Dysport but not with "Laurie's Freeze Online Special".

Having seen the danger of unregulated "fake Botox" leading to individuals who were injected ending up on a ventilator and having permanent neurological damage I feel some responsibility as a physician to be sure that you understand the real risks involved. It sounds very innocuous but the possibility of this being a dangerous or adulterated product makes it not a wise decision. I wouldn't inject this into myself or a patient if you paid me a billion dollars.

So if you decide to go ahead:
Make sure you have enough health insurance to cover a couple of years in the ICU on a ventilator.
Make sure you have enough long term disability insurance to cover the rest of your life neurologically impaired.
Make sure you have enough life insurance to raise your children.
All of this so the taxpayers don't have to cover the consequences of your decision.

11.26 | Unregistered CommenterRealMD

Is laurie in Jail?

11.26 | Unregistered CommenterTena is where I go. They are based in New Zealand but they get it to you fast. It is cheaper than discountmedspa too! Mine lasted for 4 months.

11.26 | Unregistered CommenterAnna

Hey realmd, you are as stupid as people get. I can't believe a professional is so bullied by the FDA that he thinks their word is Gods. You should know that suck small amounts can't hurt anyone. You would have to drink it for it to harm you. how dare you treat us like we don't know. You are pissed we won;t pay you for it.

11.26 | Unregistered CommenterAnna

You are the kind of patient I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole.

And you are the one who is "as stupid as people can get."
You don't know.

Go ahead.
Darwin would be pleased.

ps--spell check

11.26 | Unregistered CommenterRealMD

These Doctors are scaring you out of this because this cuts into there profits charging $350.00 and up for one site which is the forehead or between the eyes or the smile line area. This is ridicules and they use about 40 units when we can get 100 units and do it ourselves, and do all the so called site.

But one important thing before doing this procedure is that you have to learn the muscles of the face. The forehead muscle pulls upward and the area around the eyes muscles pull downward between the eye muscles will separate and lift the eye brow after injected.

Put small amount in the forehead will prevent brow dropping remember little is best you always can go back after two weeks and tweak area that need to be tweaked.

Wow Anna!!! I see they took the name of the sight site down quick where you can buy the Botox huh!!! they cant stand to lose business they not concerned about use just their walets!!! I wonder how long it gonna take for them to blank it off of mine.

Laurie didn’t take my money matter of fact she was straight up with me and never heard of anyone complaining about her you probable got caught up when they interfered with her business this is not her fault blamed it on the people who stopped her from giving others the opportunity to get a product at a good price for those who cant afford these expensive doctors I have been giving myself injections and I do better than what the doctors did an at a affordable price.thanks to discount medspa hope you come back soon.

Thats who stopped your shipment not her. Stop blaming Laurie telling people watch their credit cards she hadn’t been ripping people off why would she start now please give me a break find out your info before spreading rumors..

Please, WHAT is this....."AS THE MED SPA TURNS ", or maybe "BOTOX TALES OF THE CITY"....... I was hoping to learn some policy or procedure information here on this particular thread.....but obviously the bloggers involved are not the " sharpest" needles in the box, so can we please let the drama die, and not encourage these idiots who obviously "have nothing to lose" ie: brain cells, and move on. I as a Medical Professional find it insulting to even engage in this ridiculous banter. Yes, ladies, go inject the hell out of yourself....just your clouded botoxed brains, you get what you pay for.....hahahahahahhahahaha

This is not a rumor! This is what happened to me! I did not place an order and I was charged $623.13 on 11-23-09. I had emailed and called Laurie about the fact that there was a hold on my account for that amount.
She email me back yesterday (11-26-09) and said:

Hi Tracy,

I am sorry but we are out of business. If there is a hold on your account, then it will drop based on your financial institution. No charge has been made, but let me know if you need me to do something to help get it released-

I emailed her back and told showed her that the charge had gone through, and that she could call my bank to verify it.
I will let you know what happens... I hope she does the right thing.

11.27 | Unregistered CommenterTracy

I love the products I got from discount med spa. Sorry to hear all the crap going on. The so called spa's are making a load of $$$$$$ of everyone !

11.27 | Unregistered CommenterDingo

I love Dmedspa. I will buy and buy and buy. The only negative post here that I have seen is from one person "RealMD". "RealMD", why bother spending time forcing your scare tactics on us? We are adults, we take responsibility for our actions. We are not going to kill ourselves, as you would have us believe. I would guess that most of us, as I did, studied and researched techniques quite a bit before we did our own procedures. Once I did the injections I realized how much of the "you will hurt yourself" is hype. This is the mantra that will brainwash us into being dependent and financially strapped to our medical treatments, voluntary and involuntary. RealMD, you are not working enough hours if you have to vent on this blog! Get over yourself.

11.27 | Unregistered CommenterRealperson

SkinScience your post is incredibly immature, insulting, and mean. I wonder if you would say the same in person? Dmedspa has never ripped me off. I just want to make that clear. Dmedspa is does not rip people off, or send bogus product. I use a couple of different products and have not had a problem.

11.27 | Unregistered CommenterRealperson


You guys don't really understand the issues involved with the actual preparation of the toxin before it is placed in the bottle. You are focusing on injection technique and the fact that you want to save some money and you think doctors make money off of you. You don't really understand that if this preparation is not authentic Botox or authentic Dysport you are risking your lives.

But you are right I am wasting my time because you don't know enough to know what you don't know and you don't want to know and you think you know when you don't.

But next time when you inject yourself with some toxin you bought off the internet, ask yourself as you stick the needle in "am I going to win the Darwin Award?"

Peace out.

11.28 | Unregistered CommenterRealMD

Yes, it is crazy...I have done it myself, I had great results with the fillers but always wondered what was really in them, what was I injecting into my face?
I've had it done by my physician but this was cheaper so I did it. I can only imagine the monstrous results some women get!
Then there is "freeze". We all know, or should know, that this is a deadly toxin. I bought it once to see if my dr was watering his down. I found out that it either doesn't work or I am botox-resistant.
I was sure that this site was going to get shut down long ago, then she put up the "Texas Medical Association" endorsement and I knew it was coming soon! Then the Ontario-thing started...yet she continued to charge sales tax to all states!!! WTF??? Charging us crazy youth-seeking cougars sales tax on a non-taxable item in the US is bad enough, but rules don't apply online I guess.
I found fillers online for less money elsewhere. I plan to stick with that. As for botox, I can see why realmd is freaked out. For all we know it could be the next bio-warfare! The ingredients are deadly.
After reading all of this, I have to say that middle class Americans are stupider than I'd ever believed. America has become The Jerry Springer Show. Or maybe Maury.
Sorry Laurie, but the sales tax issue was highway robbery.

11.28 | Unregistered CommenterSarah

Hi Sarah
Will you share with us where you purchase your fillers?

11.29 | Unregistered CommenterLisa

BTA is actually a weaken TOXIN ... so it is potentially dangerous if it is not process the right way.
Dear customers , we doctors are not worried about you giving yourself injection because its your own risk.
1.There are always some individual who will buy it and inject it to others ...and make a business out of it...
there are pitfalls in injecting BTA , there are medical contraindications...
2. If BTA can be sell and be bought easily through the NET without regulations , every tom dick and harry company will produce their own 'FREEZE' or "BOTOX" ...or they will come out with FRETOX..what ever ...they will claim theirs is more effective ...cheaper ...can last 10 years...or whatever... and because it is a TOXIN... someone will eventually get hurt...
due to "cheaper" BTA ...

Dear people... I know some of you thinks that we doctors are always trying to ripped you off...
but we always think "patient safety first"....
In the short term , you might save few hundreds dollars ...but if you look at the bigger picture , your dissatisfaction might hurt people..GREATLY in the future ...

11.29 | Unregistered CommenterDr Shah


Excuse me Mr.RealMD you are getting the same stuff we are in a bottle that is sealed in a pure form un constituted. Could you PLEASE tell me how do you really honestly know what you’re injecting into your patient besides reading the Botox label across the bottle? You didn't package the bottles you received! and I am more than sure you didn’t have anything to do with the making of the batches of Botox either. All you did was received your order, took it out the boxes and stored it in your freezer upon delivery of your shipment and used it when it was time to inject your patients.

The injection part of receiving Botox IS very important and for you to have the nerve to say I quote “You guys don't really understand the issues involved with the actual preparation of the toxin before it is placed in the bottle. You are focusing on injection technique and the fact that you want to save some money and you think doctors make money off of you. You don't really understand that if this preparation is not authentic Botox or authentic Dysport you are risking your lives. “

Matter of fact Mr. RealMD we are!!! Focusing on the injection technique do you think were crazy do you know if you don’t focus on the injection technique that we could really damage ourselves and probably end up looking like some paralyzed freaks walking around, and you ARE risking your life if you dont know how to properly inject the Botox also so please dont play down that aspect of the procedure.. And I don’t understands you when you say authentic how do YOU know your trusting source is authentic I get the same effect as when you give it to me, so how do you know if the effects are the same the wrinkles are gone and the face muscle are numb for a 3-4 month period.

So I ask you again if the effects and the outcome of the Botox injections are the same how can YOU know that your (BOTOX) is the real thing and I am taking a chance with my Botox. To be honest we all including yourself is taking a chance we really do not know what this is doing in the long run, but our quest for the fountain of youth is keeping us on this same road ,the road of trying to keep our youth as long as we can and as safe as we can accomplish it, and that is including myself.

But if the Company's we are ordering the Botox from outcome was exactly the same they both did the job it was suppose to do and you yourself didn’t make the Botox and packaged it and both of the resource we get it from is doing the job they said they were going to do, and that is to give us a good price on the product and make sure we have our supply on time. Now what is the forcus of the problem you have with self injecting Botox you already made it know that it wasnt all about injecting it which i think you are absolutely wrong in stating because knowing how to properly inject is very important to know along with the job that these muscles have to do concerning the expressions of the face.

So again I ask how can YOU tell me if what we are getting is not the real Botox if the outcome is the same as your patients outcome the wrinkles are gown and their facials muscle are put to sleep for a few months the only difference is that you charge a hell of a lot of money and I do it myself for under $200 with the exact same out come as when I was paying 600 and up for the injections from a Doctors office and that wasn’t for all the specified areas $4oo and something was charged to me just for the forehead and from experience I know because I spent that much for this.
Now than what we really have to focus on is properly studying the muscles of the human face and the proper way of injecting something you just said on this site we put to much FORCUS on now this statement to me sounds very unprofessional to me coming from a professing licensed Doctor.

Beside that I don’t understand what kind of doctor you are to say to us that’s all we are focusing on is the injections aspect of this procedure. I really hope that is what you are focusing on when you’re injecting YOUR PATIENTS my heaven if your not they are all in some serious trouble. It seems like you are more concerned in stopping people from learning the 3 hour course that you had to learn on injecting Botox.

As far as the money goes it seems like your worrying about that ends as well as we are!!! You are charging ridiculous prices for these procedure and you know it. Along with that!!! We are not even getting what we paid for instead your using it on the next patients that walks in behind us. How do I know this is because I inject my own Botox and I use 60 units to do everything so the Botox only comes in 2 sizes 50 unit vials and 100 unit vials Doctor office normally order the 100 units vial for their businesses.

I use 60 units in total for my whole treatment that includes my forehead, crow’s feet and the (Y) area around the upper brow and between my eyebrows. With the 40 units left I keep for any touch ups I may have before two are up. I wait 2 weeks just like they tell you to come back in two week the only difference I don’t have to pay for another office visit and I am not charge for something I have already paid for again. I do it my self and do a better job because I am taking my time and really focusing on what I am doing and I have a complete session forehead crows feet and between the eyes and all for under 200.00.

Please… RealMD to say your a professional if I were you I word stop talking on this sight especially if you’re a Doctor we are mad let us vent, because your starting to make a fool out of yourself, and yes I am one that inject my own Botox. The only things I hope is that all of us including the doctors are getting the pure stuff because it can go wrong with the Doctors as well as ourselves we are ALL taking some kind of risk, hopefully those who are injecting Botox has taken the time to study the muscle structure of their own faces.

But as far as you knowing what that white power in that vial truly is you would have to be standing on the side of every batch made to truly know this information, your guest is as good as ours and we are both hoping for the same outcome and this is that we are both purchasing the real thing and nothing that is going to hurt us. Remember I wouldn’t put my head on a chopping block for anyone not even your reliable Botox company people can turn on a drop of a dime your company as well.

In response to Sarah"s statement

Sarah!! Do you think the first time you do this on yourself it was going to go perfect without any mess ups please!!! Even the Doctors go through trail and area when they first learned about Botox injection for face wrinkles. They just dont tell you they messed up they put it on something else like your bodies tolerance to the toxin or something like that. I have used Discount Med spa and Laurie was on the up and up with her customers.

I am sorry your self injections didn’t have a good outcome I also had problems my first time, but that was my first time now I know what I am doing and have no problems I am saving a bunch of money that these Doctors was making off me and I cant thank Laurie enough for teaching us to have confidence in learning this easy procedure ourselves you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to give your Botox please it is so simple but if you mess up than that a chance YOU take it will disappear in 3-4 months but this can happen also in the office chair of your own doctor and he cant do anything about it either but tell you it will start to wear off soon. So Sarah get off the band wagon in blaming Laurie she didn’t do anything wrong and her product were good also and do you really feel comfortable when doctors give you fillers for your wrinkles have you seen some of the Doctors why are they so wrinkle why are they not using it on themselves think about that.

if you really think its so safe because its coming from the hands of a Doctor something to thinks about when you look into the wrinkled face of the Doctor that giving you the next Botox or fillers and wonder why he still have so many wrinkles just a little brain food. So regardless of where we are getting this down it’s a a chance were taking we are just not paying as much for it as you would pay from these still rich wrinkled Doctors.

Sarah I never paid sale tax I paid for shipping and next day shipping on Botox was a standard price because it had to be fed the next day to perserve the Freeze. I dont know what your looking at as tax but if it was a mistake i am sure she would have corrected it if she could.

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