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Fake Botox or not, Discount Medspa is going to jail.


Via an almost unbeliveable story on Wired:

A website that sells a prescription drug similar to Botox without requiring a prescription claims it has more than 2,000 customers. Some have learned how to inject the botulism-derived drug into their own faces from YouTube videos produced for the site.

Discountmedspa sells a variety of other DIY cosmetic treatments, including prescription Renova, and lip-filling gels. The botulinum toxin-derivative for sale on the site is Dysport, produced by the pharmaceutical company Ipsen and is a competitor of Allergan’s Botox. The site simply calls it “the Freeze.”

A Grand Prairie, Texas, woman, Laurie D’Alleva, who appears to be the site’s proprietor, performs treatments on herself in self-made videos posted to the site’s YouTube channel. In one video, D’Alleva pulls out a vial of what is presumably Dysport and a syringe filled with saline.

“It’s important to remember that you are mixing the potency of the botox,” she says, mixing the contents of the vial with the saline solution. She then injects her forehead and the areas around her eyes.

Ipsen received FDA clearance to sell Dysport in the United States a few months ago, but it’s a prescription medication. It’s the first direct competitor for the branded Botox, which is the most popular cosmetic treatment in America. Doctors did more than 2.4 million Botox procedures in 2008, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. In recent years, the vast amounts of money spent on the treatment have attracted scams and knockoffs, which the FDA has had to crack down on. In May, the FDA also ruled the drug needed a tougher “black-box” warning label to reflect an increased understanding of the small, but real risks of the treatment.

In the U.S., it is illegal for anyone but a doctor or nurse practitioner to prescribe drugs to patients and only pharmacists can dispense drugs to people.

Video: The original YouTube video was pulled by DiscountMedSpa on Wednesday, October 28. had saved the source and has embedded that video in the story.

In a blog post response to a customer’s skeptical query, Laurie provided the following explanation for the legality of her site and the provenance of her products.

I know there is much information out on the net about fillers and Botox ‘knock-offs’. This is not what I am selling! The products I have are from a company names Ipsen… I have a connection that allows me to get products that are not usually available in the states because I purchase other products in their line. Now the trick is I have to market it and label it under my own brand, to keep them and myself from getting into any legal trouble. It does take a leap of faith, but I assure you I have over 2000 customers now who love the products and are saving literally hundreds of thousands of dollars between us!

“I watched a Doctor on do this to a patient and he warned people not to inject below the eyes however I had to put a smile on my face too,” Lesley commented on a blog post. “The trick to this is to hold a pencil just at the corner of one side of your mouth and inject two units of Freeze at the very bottom of your chin. This will cause your [sic] very end of your mouth to turn up. Then do the other side the same way. If you don’t get it even you may have a crooked smile so be very careful that the injection is placed in exactly the same place as the other side.”

Her recommendation for another user is to “watch and you will learn a lot of some of the Doctors [sic] secrets to recreating your face the way you want to look.”

Other women describe mishaps with over-injecting the drug.

“My Dr. would never inject the crows feet. I did and got GREAT results!” wrote a commenter named Pat. “Unfortunately, I can’t read those little hash marks on the syringe too well and over injected above the brow on one side. A week later I’m now sporting a half closed and swollen eye, and look ready for Halloween!”

the Texas Department of State Health Services released the following statement, but would not comment further.

“The Texas Department of State Health Services is aware of through a complaint we received. That complaint status remains open and under review,” the agency wrote.

The complaint was made under the Texas Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, which regulates the sale of prescription drugs like Dysport in the state.

“Botox is a prescription drug that must be dispensed or sold by a licensee pharmacy and only with a prescription from a licensed practitioner. Any over-the-counter sale of Botox is illegal,” the agency affirmed.

Unbelieveable that people could be so dumb as to inject themselves with Botox... or anything else for that matter. Discount Medspa's owner is definately headed for the slammer.

Reader Comments (136)

My my, what bad tempers we have! I have to admit that I also used Medspa's 'FREEZE' and I also have to admit it is something else and then some. I have had injections done by several doctors. The only problem with that is two weeks later I looked like the Joker on Batman. My eyebrows were so high I looked like a Dragqueen, (which is OK if your a DragQueen, but I'm not) This happened 'every' time a doctor injected my face, no matter what I said they didn't listen and let me tell you, in Botox 'One Size Does NOT Fit All'. To say I was pissed is an understatement. I waited each time, four months for the botox to 'wear' off. Finally I got up the nerve and ordered from Laurie from MedSpa. I stared at the needle and wondered if I'd lost my mind. Oh well, here goes. Three little teeny tiny sticks in the forehead, two between the eyes and three for the crowsfeet on each eye. Voila! Within three days my wrinkles were going, going, gone!! And my eyebrows were slightly arched, natural looking. And get this, I could still move my eyebrows (unlike the doctors that froze my face). Would I do it again? In a heartbeat! Trust me when I say, I can do a better job than the doctors that learned at a 'weekend' retreat. So listen ladies, keep me posted because I want to purchase 'Freeze' again. Thank You,

12.1 | Unregistered CommenterSteven

I too loved Laurie's site. I say use at your own risk. If people would mind their own business. I did a better job myself than DRs I paid $14.00 a unit to. Now I have to look else where.
If anyone can help.

12.1 | Unregistered CommenterGP

Laurie the psycho just emailed me saying she is opening back up fr business and just taking time off for the Holidays. LOL,like we don't know why. She must be nuts thinking we don't know what happened. She must want to go to prison that bad. I'm sticking with It's cheaper and better from what I can tell.

here is what her email says.....

In a message dated 12/2/2009 3:33:32 P.M. Central Standard Time, writes:

Email not displaying correctly? View it in your browser.

We at Discount Medspa have been working to make sure we are here for you for years to come! Please be patient and we will contact you with our new details soon!

There has been lots of media attention to our site and we will be taking some time off to ejoy the Holidays and Relocate. I appreciate all of you and your support during this difficult time, and promise to be available in the near future!

As aways, feel free to contact me at

12.2 | Unregistered CommenterDana

I have been doing my own for 2 years and it comes out perfect every time I do it myself. If you effin doctors didnt rip us off so bad we would go to you. but the truth is you use too much in the upper forehead so our brows droop. your expertise is sorely lacking and you have no idea of how thwe facial muscles work. You let dentists buy this and use it on people. Is it ok if i brush my own teeth? Can I use scissors or do you want to restrict that too you big a holes?

12.2 | Unregistered Commentersamantha

I am so glad that Laurie is finally getting to take some time off for the 'Holiday's'. She works so hard (you just can't tell it from all the years of Botox and Restylane). However, do I now have to look like crap during the Holidays just because they closed her down? I could strangle the people who did this! Thankfully I just received an email from her telling me 'not to worry'. 'Not To Worry?' How does she think I got these crowsfeet in the first place? Please Laurie, keep me informed as to how I can get my dose of Botox, and this time I'm working up enough nerve to use the Restylane, lookout lips, ready or not here I come. I may not look surprised when I open my Christmas presents but I will look better than everyone else in the photos. And that's what I 'Live' for! Steven

12.2 | Unregistered CommenterSteven

REALMD, my issue is that you think us so ignorant that we would not first test it before using and that the people who sell it are making it in their garage. botulinum toxin has been in other countries for over 30 years before we copied it and started peddling it as a cosmetic. Supposedly the FDA does not regilate cosmetics but Allergan calls it a cosmetic. If we were allowed to take a 3 hour course and self inject we could buy it for the same price you do which would probably make the price go down. Doctors all over the US would sh*t a brick and demand we stop and you know it. It is not about our health it is about money. We are no longer standing by and being taken advantage of. To say there are no good makers of BOTOX type products outside of our own country is just plain stupid. I test every vial before going forward. I know where it comes from and I know it is made with the same standard of production as Botox. I also buy other items from (link removed by Medical Spa MD) that are made there and sent here to be prescribed by US doctors so don't think I don't do my homework. This company has documentation on all of her products,she knows them inside out and I have more faith in her then some guy my HMO made me go to where I am just another card carrying victim in the game of life. Why would we ever come crying to you? You clearly don't give a rats bum. You should be honest with these women and tell them they would have to swallow it or poke it in their eye for it to harm them long term. You inject it all day well so do we and we like it that way.

[This comment has been modified for violating Medical Spa MDs terms.]

12.2 | Unregistered CommenterJanice

Yeah she's taking time off because they took her sh*t. They took her stock and her computers. She needs time to get money together and flee to another country. Canada isn't going to let her sell it from there either. All this time she has been sayong she is based in Canada. Laurie, just because you mke a logo that says Canada on it does not mean you have a company there. Doh!

I’ve been a “self-injector “ for almost 3 years. I inject small amounts of filler frequently and thus have gained practical experience regarding my own face. I studied injection techniques for almost a year before I self-injected – I did not just jump into this, and I hope nobody else does too. My study resources came mostly from physician to physician professional videos, books and even my own injection doctor (past tense) from whom I asked questions and requested a mirror.

I stopped going to my supposedly “expert” filler doc because; 1) the outrageous fees he charged , 2) he didn’t seem to care about his patients at all – it really was about the money – he always charged me extra supposedly for time spent addressing my concerns -- so please don’t tell us docs actually care about us, 3) even though his credentials were impeccable, he is a “doc to doc injection teacher”, he left me very bruised and swollen almost every visit – something I have never done to myself. Thus I started ordering injectables off the Net and Laurie’s site was one of them.

I enjoyed the convenience, great prices, fabulous customer service, and knowing she and others had tried and tested her products (it would have been all over the news/net had someone been seriously harmed /disfigured from her products). Yes, I was very cautious and did a good deal of research regarding her company, her client results/feedback, products and her background before entering my first order.

While I was pleased with the products purchased from Laurie, I was troubled by her aggressive marketing of such and considered her business practice to be very deceptive (and I believe one of her charges are related to just that). This is where my concern with her company lied.

It irked me to see her market generic Chinese HAs as Sculptra (not even close), Restylane, and Juvederm. It also disturbed me to no end to see her market the permanent Chinese filler Amazingel as Artefill -- to even offer a permanent filler to potential first- timers is beyond belief crazy and extremely disturbing.

Yes, I will continue to self-inject, as most others will, as long as doctors remain money hungry and uncaring. But I close this with: buyer beware, do your homework/research (intensely), study anatomy/injection technique, buy pro videos, don’t let anyone tell you “anybody can do it, even a child”, research your product and don’t assume it’s what the seller is telling you it is.

It’s not as hard as the docs make it out to be, but don’t assume anything.

12.2 | Unregistered Commentersalome

I have a feeling this thread is going to get pulled from this site very soon. If anybody is interested in continuing the discussion of the subject of self injection please mail me; I won't necessarily email you back(too busy researching new product outlets LOLOL).

But I’m thinking, if there’s enough interest, we could start an un-biased chat/forum/public blog, or something, where we could get/give feed-back regarding this subject.

Again, I am by no means advocating self-injection. I really don’t think it’s for most people. But I think for the few that are committed to doing their homework this might be a worthwhile endeavour.

12.2 | Unregistered Commentersalome

Funny, how it's illegal for Laurie to sell us do it yourself botox or fillers but yet the U.S Government can inject us possibly even make it mandatory with the deadly H1N1 injection! Those injections have actually killed people so why has that not been stopped or investigated. Because it'sthe good old Government trying to run our lives, if the Dr's and pharmacies didn't gouge us for these procedures then we wouldn't have to take matters into our own hands. Yes, when I did it to myself the first time, with wonderful results I might add my husband said I was so crazy for doing that to myself. I said No, I'm not crazy I just had enough balls to do it. Alot of others probably wish they had the guts to do it themselves and save hundreds. I did to myself for 200 bucks what my doc would have charged 750 for.
Rock on Laurie! you have many supporters that will continue to buy from you in Ontario!!!

Can you post the site you use again Medical Spa MD took it down before i could see it. I would love to have another source to purchase from. Thanks

12.2 | Unregistered CommenterLisa

This goes to RealMd. Are you actually an Md? If so I am surprised because your information is quite misleading and quite general. As well, what of your hypocratic oath? You mean to say you are so bitter by people having choice that you would refuse to treat someone if a problem did arise, ignoring said oath? Shame on you. You are held to a higher standard.

I have adminsitered for years and I can attest that it is not rocket science nor is it an "art" so much as a trial and error. Though I must boast I have never had so much as a drooping brow, thus my margin for error must be low.

Botulin Toxin A is a derivative of clostridium botlulism, however the amount used for cosmetic purposes is extrememly minute and does not have enough of the bacterium to render one ill as in the case of boutlism (food poisoning).

The individuals suffering respiratory paralysis used a home brew not produced by a pharmaceutical company and they were not on ventilators for years as you proclaim. This was an isolated case of an individual using poor judgement and an uncontrolled, home made substance/experiment gone amuck. This is analgeous to the fact that the vast majority understand that operating a hair dryer while bathing will sizzle you into eternity, thus caution and common sense are excercised. We do not keep Chi irons and hair dryers out of the hands of non hair stylist. A hairdryer operated correctly is a great device and can be managed by most. The point being is there are many things that can be potentially detrimental to ones health, however they are not banned and this typically comes down to money and power, which a few desire to keep as obviously it is self serving. Furthermore, there was only one case of alleged death due to botulin A and this was in the clinical setting (different strength entirely/diffferent injection site) performed to control spasms in the lower extremeties of a medically fragile child.

Also if you are a libertarian why should you care? You should be for personal freedoms. Though I do believe your protest and obvious anger comes more from a desire to keep the market cornered, as by your tone you are obviously not benevolent, lets just keep it honest okay;).

Ahhh...but you are a dermatologist (snicker).

Dr. Shah. Why are you so angry at other pharmaceutical companies producing the product, it is not that amazing of a pharmaceutical that another could not duplicate it? No one is advocating making it in your kitchen. Again, an over zealous assumption that negates rationality in order to produce fear in the public. Allergan borders on userous in the way they have cornered the market and they even rim you on pricing. If you do not like the free market and dislike competetion, there are many countries that are filled with like minded folk. Certainly they need doctors there.

Shalome, I tried to send you a email about starting a forum but when I clicked on your name it stated that you did not have an account with the web site. I would be very much interested in particpating. Please email me at

12.2 | Unregistered CommenterMia

I run a laser and spa center. Botox and fillers injection are not hard. I inject myself, and on my clients. I charge $8 / unit. It is definitely much much easier on operating lasers. As a comparison, there are too many variables on performing lasers and getting the best results. I do not have any problem with DIY botox or fillers, but I think there has to be some regulation on where the toxins come from. Yes I mean the source. It has to be pure, and sterile.

I feel bad for Laurie, I think she worked hard to build her business. Her quick fame has taken her down for now.

12.3 | Unregistered CommenterMelissa

I'm a hair stylist and I know all the face muscles, I found Laurie web sight I was so happy because I was going to a plastic sergeant and got my Botox and lip done first of all I never like how he did my Botox and when he did my lips it hurt! and charge me a lot of money and if I had to go back of course they charge you again the units they use, so I order from Laurie the Freeze and the lips and did it myself I did better then the Plastic sergeant and when I did my lip it didn't hurt. So what's the big deal I think Laurie is great for helping us out on cost, some of us are on a budget and 320 every 4 to 6 weeks is a lot of money we are NOT in Hollywood!

I recently purchased Dysport from Discount Medspa. Did it myself, and the results were just fine. I did experience ptosis in the left eyelid, but that was my own fault for injecting too close to the brow. The ptosis only lasted about 10 days.This occurance is very common even for all those professionals out there...about 3 to 5% of patients get the temporary droopy eye. I do recommend doing a great deal of research before you decide to inject yourself, but overall I have been pleased. Maybe the price of getting it done at a spa will go down someday, who knows. I know in my case, the expense is what brought me to purchase on line. No regrets. Just be very careful.

12.4 | Unregistered CommenterJoann

You might want to check out this story on complications that occurred after DIY injections of products from and watch the story tonight on "20/20" TONIGHT at 10 p.m. ET

I saw exactly the same type of problem of injection done by doctors.
but some ordinary people don't have the money to make it by doctor... and to do it again, every 5 month! it's very lucrative!
be careful to do it yourself, you must be very good and more...

You people literally act as if Doctors force prosecutions. The reality of this is its illegal, it has nothing to do with money, a prosecutor doesnt get any money from putting you in jail. I think you people deserve each other, very uneducated sounding. Save a few bucks, on what you dont even know if it is real? Yea Im going to risk blindness and paralysis for that, by the way, why don't you love yourself for you?

wow. i'm shocked at how many women are willing to risk death by injecting themselves w/ something they bought off the internet...and how many are willing to defend a criminal selling products from who-knows-where. the commenter who mentioned it could be 'bio-warfare' is totally correct. if only al-quada knew to just target desperate aging american women pathetic and dumb enough to inject themselves w/ a poison.
times like this i realise just how scary it is that the dumb reproduce faster than the smart.

[The remainder of this comment has been deleted for flaming but the poor spelling and grammar remain.]

12.4 | Unregistered Commentertaytum

wtf. i was on the side of the docs w/ this one, and somehow i am insulted by them anyway. the rest of my (deleted) comment was very valid and directed at the women injecting themselves, not the blogger. it was addressing the fact that those women are making it into an individual rights issue, when it is really a medical hazard issue.
(shame on you, whoever is editing the comments, because u obviously misread my previous comment. and insulting my intelligence anonymously when i was defending u? classy. does anyone really take grammar/spelling seriously in comments online anyway? is this 1995?)

12.5 | Unregistered Commentertaytum

@ taytum,
First, your comment was modified not for the content, but for flaming an profanity, neither of which are acceptable here.

(If you consider my statement about poor grammar and spelling to be an insult to your intelligence, that would be your interpretation. I wasn't making a judgment, just declaring a fact. And while you may not concern yourself with capitalization, spelling, grammar, sentence structure, or abbreviations, they're certainly indicators of both your intent, and your level of engagement. Here endeth the lecture.)

Did anyone see 20/20 last night? It was pretty scary to see what happened to the people who injected themselves. As a nurse, I'm concerned that people are injecting themselves without being trained. In the video posted on this site, I didn't see any form of aseptic technique used on the vial or to prep the site, and she didn't say anything about aspirating the syringe to ensure she wasn't administering into a vein.

I agree that people have the right to do whatever they want to their bodies, but they don't have the right to break the law. People who are dispensing and administering medications without the proper license are criminals and if they are caught will be prosecuted.

12.5 | Unregistered CommenterBlRN2

I used the product an was very happy with it. Its just all about money . Her product alowed people that cant spend 600.00 dollers on there face to look good to

12.5 | Unregistered Commentercamille

It's not all about money.
It's about protecting the public from buying counterfeit products (which may be packaged in authentic looking containers), or products which have not been approved for use in the US.
It's about protecting the public from performing procedures on themselves when they have no medical training.
It's about safety.

It's illegal.

If you don't like the law--change it.

Dear Concerned, WRONG!! Wrong-A-Ba-Dong-Oh!! It's all about the money!! As I've stated before, I am far more an artist than the Doctors, Lawyers or Indian Cheifs that are allowed to inject my face with what they 'claim' is 'Botox'. Every doctor that has injected my face has used a needle that is approximately the size of a toothpick. Needless to say it bruised the crap out of my face and it hurt like hell-o! They wouldn't use any type of numbing agent since they charged so cheap! I NEVER bruise myself (I like me too much) when I inject myself. And you can trust me when I say this 'Freeze' stuff from Laurie is Better than Botox. By the way, while we're on the subject, nobody is safe from these 'Doctors'. Look at Priscilla Presley, one of the most beautiful women on the face of the earth, would you look what the 'Doctors' did for her? What about the 'beyond' handsome Mickey Rorke? Michael Jackson? The gorgeous Tara Reid? My sister was the most beautiful woman you've ever set your eyes on, only to have her beauty totally marred by a professional cosmetic surgeon. All these are botched jobs by 'Professional' Doctors. And everyone calls me 'crazy' for injecting MY face? Think again!!! Steven

12.5 | Unregistered CommenterSteven

Well said Steven. I had "professional" Botox injections and left these appointments bruised and swollen. I also pretty much begged the injectionist(s)- yes- I tried many- to please not put my eyebrows in the middle of my forehead. After the last four treatments (36 units, approx $450) lasted two, yes two months, and my "professional" told me I just needed more units, I'd had it.

Whoops....wasn't finished and accidentally hit "create post"....sorry. Anyway, I really was fed up. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that she was over diluting my Botox. Overtime we should need fewer units, other than around our eyes, and I was needing it more often and now she was suggesting more units, more cost...blah and my eyebrows were still ending up in the middle of my forehead- not attractive and I was bruised for two weeks.

So- I started researching yet another new Botox clinic in my area and came across Laurie's website. I was fascinated and, at first appalled, that someone would DIY, but then I started researching and educating myself on facial muscles/action/reactions, etc. After about five months...yep, I ordered. I injected two units of Freeze and waited a week, because I did have the "what is it really?" question. I didn't die, or need a ventilator as was mentioned in earlier posts here, so I did a few more units and waited. All okay, so went ahead and finished up. Guess what? No bruising, no eyebrows in the middle of my forehead(!), NO WRINKLES FOR FIVE MONTHS, and no ventilator or scary outcomes.

Do I agree with everything Laurie was doing or selling. Did I like the Freeze product she sold and the ability to purchase it for much much less than I was paying, dilute it properly and place it where I wanted to get the results I wanted without bruising? A lot. Will I miss being able to get it. Yep. I feel I made an educated decision in purchasing it and doing it myself. Would I buy a permanent facial filler and do it myself? Not in a million years. Having said that, I would not let a "professional" inject a permanent filler in my face either.

Jeff- I have to agree with you. Spelling, punctuation and grammar are worth their weight in gold. Steven, I appreciate your thoughtful (funny) and well typed posts. You too Salome.

Sorry for my English, I am French. With botox I had EXACTLY the same experience as you Takeadeepbreath, and It was staying for max 2 month on me (only for the eyes). I remember the last time I went to the medecine specialist, I calculate the number of "hit" to be sure, It was 12, and she told me she put 30 UI, but I don't believe anymore it was the real number of UI.... (I realize wen I started to DIY, and mysteries it stay for 5 months!) So 3 different professionals medicinal was telling me, "we have to put more than 30 units for you". I'm 34, and 400$ and + even 2 or 3 times a year was a to big budget for me. And it's was not very good work. Anyways, I ask for arrangement, I'm a great infographe, so I propose a good "trock" for me and them. ( I was desperate to have the treatment. I had a very hard life, and I was very complex because we could see...) No one of the 3 doctors say OK, even if my work is very professional. I can tell you, if our not rich, you can died in US, and so for the estheticism. I am sorry but I realy don't believe that is for are health all this. No souvenir of Hypocrathe with capitalism, just profit.

12.6 | Unregistered CommenterSylvie

I never said that I had a problem doing the procedures. I shot the stuff right where my dr did it. The overnight thing is BS, I doubt is she had it overnighted from New Zealand or China. She said that id it got cold it'd go bad? She's crazy! She never did that in the beginning. Sorry that you guys feel a need to protect her. You can buy fillers from China for 395 per lot of ten. That includes shipping.Do you really think she sold this stuff, risking prosecution, unless there was big money to be made? She sent me the wrong filler one time, I emailed her, she told me to keep it, she'd send the correct one. That tells me that they were dirt cheap. And yes, all 3 orders, even when it was supposedly in Canada, have 6.5% sales tax. That is the whole reason I'm pissed off. She ignored all email regarding the tax. If I could afford to throw more money at her than I already was I'd just have my doctor do it.

12.6 | Unregistered CommenterSarah

Not only im i surprise with this information but im also a satisfied client.I have been using the product for over a year and been very satisfied with it.I also have use the fillers and learn how to inject them to my satisfaction,i love discountmed spa and i have saved money by doing it myself by watching her videos.

12.6 | Unregistered Commentersandy

This is the post regarding the illegal sales of botox alternative" freeze". Since it is shipped from within USA, WHY IS IT ILLEGAL? If it is illegal, why would U.S. Custom allows this so called " freeze" to be imported into USA? If US custom allows these to be imported to USA, then it is not illegal. Am I missing something here?

The main point of this thread is the sales of botox alternative. It has been proven that the injection of botox or freeze is not hard. Many learn how to inject them without the supervision of Physicians. Many have shown the flawless outcome of this " freeze".

12.6 | Unregistered Commenterwayne

"Freeze" has not gone through safety testing.
It is not approved by the FDA.
US Customs does not catch every illegal thing that comes across the border. I am sure it is not imported and declared as "Freeze"
It is immaterial if some people have used it successfully.
It is illegal to for a non-approved pharmacy to distribute compounds to the general public without a doctors prescription for injection.
It is illegal to distribute a non-FDA approved compound for medicinal purposes.

It is illegal.
That is why the site was shut down.
That is why Laurie will be charged with illegal activity.

It is illegal.
If you don't like the law you have to change it. You can't just decide which laws to follow.

20/20 ABC expose on Discount Medspa: Do it yourself Botox, Restylane, & Juvederm disasters.

Wayne says, "It has been proven that the injection of Botox or freeze is not hard. Many learn how to inject them without the supervision of Physicians. Many have shown the flawless outcome of this " freeze"."

This is, of course, untrue and only an idiot would inject themselves with a paralytic agent or filler.

everybody know it's illegal to sell those product! But like many thing that are very expensive and only accessible for rich's, it happen to become accessible by a another way...even if it's dangerous. All those who have never done Botox should not believe that it is easy ! Although several women were successful with much study on the facial muscles, those that can be injected safely, quantity, harmonization of facial muscles, does not transform the act in something inoffensive...because she's can't study the ingredients in the hermetic bottle, sell at reduce price for evident reason of "contrefaçon"... even If I now consider myself an expert, but only on me and with a surgical precision (I always had this skill, this ability to instinctively understand the physiological, harmony faces) I would not anyone trust anyone else, because even doctors do not perform as well even if the produce is safe. Look at the actress such as the beautiful Nicole Kidman, unfortunately in the hands of a specialist she is now in the space of 2 or 3 stages looks like a typical Hollywood caricature ... (something like 4 or 5 ml of HA in lips and cheeks, and also perhaps 60 IU of Botox ....) the delicate balance of his nice face is lost. I do not believe at all, that it's easy to do those acts.
but also become an industry in totally explosive growth despite the economic crisis, because we are a society based on appearance and the power of money.

Laurie's products was not counterfeit I used them without any problem, but you have to take time and study the structure of your muscles, its is very easy to do and your in the privacy of your own home taking much more time than these doctors would take. Remember just because they have MD behind their names doesn’t mean anything at all. A so called doctor legally killed my Mother because he was licensed. I was a customer of DiscountMedspa and was very happy with her and her business she made sure to take time with all her customers that’s more than you get with some of these Doctors today its like ok thank you see you in two week next!!

That was low down to put Laurie on 20/20 like that she did not deserve that at all boy they know the new have the power to destroy someone future, she is not during anything that would hurt anyone yes this might not be for everyone to do themselves but dont make it look like those how are doing self injection are ignorant to the facts. the Doctors that are giving Botox may have attended a 3-4 hour class on this don't act like the stood in medical school for another 3 years to do this it took me two times and I think I do a better job than they ever did

Come on these Doctors was not their when the Botox was made either. they are taking the same chance as we are, they get a shipment in a box putting it in their freezer and injecting it in the next person that walks in.

So what are they doing any different are putting their faith in their distributors just as we are in ours. Because they sure wasn’t their when they were making the toxins.

12.7 | Unregistered CommenterDee

Well Jeff MD

You’re the idiot! What kind of quack Doctor are you speaking to people like that especially a people with a so called medical degree.

I bet you inject others though so you can pay for that expensive house and vehicle you’re driving though. I am a self injector and I have no problems with it and so for what I was receiving from DiscountMedSpa worked great for me.

It seems like this will be one idiot you won’t be making your next car note from. I am 50 years of age and since I have been relaxing my facial muscles people has always gave me 38 years of age. Now I can’t give all the credit to Botox I am from a Creole blood line and all of my family looks GREAT for their age, but it doesn’t hurt to tweak ever once and a while.

12.7 | Unregistered CommenterGood job

I wasn't clear, I think that Laurie's products was very good, and I used them without any problem! I don't really now if they were "counterfeit" but I mean: How could they not be, if as soon as we don't have the "official label", for the authority they are all "counterfeit", no? As I was saying, I think it's more like a social act of resistance to procure those produce to people like us, that instead of that way could not pay the price of specialists, but need to have that services, like other women or man what have that kind of fortune to spent.

I hope to h*** that all you self injectors stay the h*** away from my spa. I have never seen a larger collection of crackpots in one place. Steven, you lead the pack of crackpots - #1 on the list.

I will not be trivial, but you might prefer crackpots #1 with a #1 billfold full well, to more easily forget the reality of this world, built by guys like you, that create needs to make a lots of money on a mythology of Eternal Youth

I cannot believe how stupid the comments are in this section. How could anyone inject a substance,claiming to be a neurotoxin, into their face without knowing what it is, who manufactured it, and where it came from? These substances can be lethal if the concentration is not accurate. Remember the couple put on ventilators a few years back after homemade botulism was injected into their faces.? Just a small amount was injected yet the results were catastrophic. How do you know what is being injected? At a physicians office, the product is bought and sold through Allergan or Medecis and it is known, without doubt, what is being injected. Lastly, the ignorance of the comments here is demonstrated by the comparison of Botox units (40) to Dysport (100units). If you don't know what I'm referring to you have no business even writing on this blog

12.7 | Unregistered CommenterDanMD

And, the law is the law. If you have a problem with only MD's being able to purchase these products, write the FDA.

12.7 | Unregistered CommenterDanMD

Hi Dan MD,

I do remember the couple that was put on ventilators due to the home brewed neurotoxin. A sad ordeal indeed. I vaguely recall the story on 20/20 , or a show like it, and seeing the clinic they visited for the injections by someone posing as a doctor. I could be wrong, but I think that is how the story went. You Botox....someone posing as a doctor....people ending up on ventilators....

Having received Botox many times professionally- how can I be assured that mine has been diluted properly? I have been so dissatisfied with the (un)lasting results of the last four treatments. I know they are overdiluting it.

It may state on the box that you're supposed to take this to your Doctor to have it inected but why is she misleading buyers of the product by having a DIY video on the site? I'm glad she's in jail and those of you who bought the products and did it yourself are making risky decisions all to save a little bit of money. Make thoughtful decisions before you do business with a fraud again.

12.8 | Unregistered CommenterJessica

To Dee
I never said I messed up my injections, they went exceptionally well. I assume that you meant trial and error, not trial and area. I am Botox resistant. Some women are. I don't know what band wagon you think I've jumped onto. I have seem the grammar and spelling of some of the women that have used her products, they are the reason why these products are prescription only. Yes, I will continue to buy my own products, but if I had the money I would certainly go to a physician and have him do it.
Good luck.

12.9 | Unregistered CommenterSarah

this woman is ridiculous she does not have a license and does not know what she is selling this product she could be severely injuring these people. shame on her, She should stop what she is doing, also this is illegal so I hope she goes to jail. This was recently played on 20/20 so i hope she gets karma for all the people who got injured for buying her lousy product. Dumb lady.

12.10 | Unregistered CommenterBudder

I can't believe the stupidity that these people show. Having seen the occasional problem with IPLs or lasers, I can't imagine that real people would experiment on themselves by injecting Botox (a neurotoxin) in order to treat a wrinkle. This isn't life or death.

No matter what, there always will be other Lauries for the ones who cannot afford the scambag doctor's charges! Internet Inteligent Informed Girls and Guys United!

And there will always be other Attorneys General to shut them down.

12.14 | Unregistered Commenterconcerned

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