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Palomar's Creepy Adivine Postcard

Palomar sent out this creepy postcard promoting their Adivive autologous fat transfer system.

Evidently, it turns you into an eyeless zombie.

Here's some quotes from Palomar's new zombie creating technology. From the postcard:

Autologous fat transfer has never looked this good.

Patients are eager for dramatic, longer-lasting results. The Adivive Fat Transfer System can help meet their expectations - and your desire for aesthetic success.

Autologours fat transfer has never looked this good?


Here are some more from the ranks of the undead.

I'm not sure who you're going to impress with these before and after pictures but you'd expect some better marketing from a market leader like Palomar.

I'm also guessing that they'll provide you with these before and after images to 'help you grow your business' if you buy a Adivive system. I'm not sure it that's such a good idea...

The challenge of taking good before and after pictures has just as much to do with expression as it has to do with reproducing the lighting. The object is not to try to remove all expression, but to reproduce the expression.

There's a proceedure for taking before and after pictures in the Members area that you may want to take a look at.

And who's idea was it to cut out the eyes?

This  is by far the creepiest direct mail postcard that I've receved from Palomar in my memory.

I wonder what Cutera, Cynosure and Sciton are up to? Vampires perhaps?

Link: Fat MD has started a discussion of the Palomar Adivine autologous fat transfer system here.

Reader Comments (3)

It appears that this procedure affects the eyes, turning them dark :)

LOL. I've seen some weird ads for cosmetic surgery. There was one that involved post-op treatment with mud from Easter Island.

08.10 | Unregistered CommenterBill

I have been a Palomar user for over six years and though I have been pleased with their technology I have consistently told them that their marketing sucks. They do less then zero to drive clients to your facility, however given this new twist they may actually start driving people away. Kind of funny though Jeff, thanks for the laughs.

08.16 | Unregistered CommenterMark

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