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Radiofrequency Assisted Liposuction (RFAL) - A new technique for adipose tissue treatment & 3D-skin tightening

The new technique using radiofrequency assisted liposucion (RFAL) from Invasix is based on bipolar radiofrequency energy which is applied to the subcutaneous adipose tissue and subdermal skin surface.

Preliminary clinical trials, histologic biopsies of the treated tissue and thermal monitoring demonstrate a rapid liquefaction of the adipose cells, coagulation of surcutaneous blood vessels and uniform sustained heating of tissue.

The dramatic rise in liposuction procedures, the aging “baby boomer” population, with decreasing skin tone and advanced laxity are seeking new body contour procedures.

The traditional tumescent, suction-assisted liposuction (SAL) is a mechanical disruption of adipose tissue through the openings in the cannula with induced negative pressure and can be quite traumatic to the patient.

 In seeking to improve the postoperative patient recovery of swelling, bruising, pain and to enhance skin contraction as well as to diminish physician effort, newer generations of energy-assisted liposuction technologies have been developed.

Preliminary studies with the RFAL technique reported faster treatment, improved safety, reduced tissue trauma, liquefaction of adipose tissue, blood vessel coagulation and uniform heating of the skin and subcutaneous tissue as well potential 3D-skin tightening. Due to histologic observation of connective tissue in the treatment area there is a significant change in its structure with coagulation of the deep, dermal collagen. After treating the subcutaneous fibrous and dermal matrix with RFAL the results are impressive in 3D-soft tissue contraction and contours.

Dr. Bratani has no disclosures and interests with Invasix Ltd.

Reader Comments (5)

Wondering why the hold up on FDA clearance for marketing? Invasix has shown this product with promising studies at aesthetic industry trade shows since at least 2008, hired and lost at least one sales force in the US. So, what's changed in 2012?

08.23 | Unregistered CommenterFair?

Please help. I am wanting to buy a non invasive lipo slimming machine. I read all the comments on Syneron, are they the same for their Velashape? What is the collective experience on the efficacy of such machines? There is so much hype out there, very little independent, as in not vested interest, opinion.

Typically, if a device hasn't received FDA approval for a lengthy period of time, it suggests that the device manufacturer has not been in compliance with the FDA's process (i.e. making statements about efficacy prior to FDA approval).

11.5 | Unregistered Commenterstossy56

I can not talk about the FDA approval, since that is out of my business. I wanted to show something about the RFAL technique here, because I'm pleased with the results. It makes the liposuction much easier as with only conventional canulas-treatment plus you have a enormous tightening effect of the skin. I use the machine in Germany where it is totally approved.

@Vanessa: With the BodyTite device we are able to treat non-invasive Cellulite, rejuvenate the skin and do invasive Liposuctions. It is not the proper machine for non-invasive lipo slimming. Good luck.

I'm appreciative of the fact that there are many authors on this site who are not in the US. It's often the case that we (meaning those of us in the US) are less than receptive to new ideas and treatments that don't come from inside our group. There's a lot that is being used in other countries (like stem cell therapies) that we could learn from.

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