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Add Allergan's Brilliant Distinctions Program To Your Website's Social Media Buttons

What is the Allergan Brilliant Distinctions Program?

Brilliant Distinctions (BD) is a frequent user program by Allergan for their products of Botox, Juvederm, Latisse and their skin care line. This program gives the patients coupons and rebates. Many practices in the US who inject Botox have the opportunity to join this program. Your Botox/Allergan representative would have more information. In my location, Brilliant Distinctions is well utilized.

New Patients look for Brilliant Distinctions

I have also found that when experienced Botox and Juvederm patients move to my area, they sometimes come armed with Brilliant Distinction discounts which they would like to use. They have called my office asking whether we take Brilliant Distinctions  These patients usually come from different states, and the transition process is painless. We just need their name, zip code, and birthdate. With that information, the patients can use their points and earn new ones at our practice. With any patients who have somehow created multiple accounts, a quick call to the toll free hotline provided by Brilliant Distinctions usually solves the problem.

Creation of the Brilliant Distinctions Button 

I thought it would be useful to create a button that goes along with some of our social media buttons. I presented the idea to Allergan, and they actually helped me create some of their logos that matched the size of frequently used social media "buttons." By buttons, I mean those icon or logos that represent Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. I have had links from my website before to Brilliant Distinctions, but they were big clunky pictures, and I've never matched it up on the page with the Facebook or Twitter logos. I asked Allergan about the idea and they sent me basic BD logos to work with. I spent some time trying to make these logos match, and I've shown them to Allergan.  Allergan has a section on their website for physicians which has logos to use on their websites, but when I contacted them, they didn't have ones of this design. I thought I'd share these logos with you so you can put them on your websites yourself or have your trusty webmaster do it if you like the idea.

Please feel free to copy the Brilliant Distinctions Buttons (ie. Right click/save-as). 

Allergan Brilliant Distinctions Program

Allergan Brilliant Distinctions ProgramAllergan Brilliant Distinctions Program


I've seen many beautiful websites out there with beautiful social media buttons. Now you can also add a matching BD logo to the collection.

I made a website displaying the logos that Allergan and I tweaked to match most common social media buttons which are already used on many plastic surgery, dermatology, and aesthetic websites.

Reader Comments (3)

I am curious about this. Is this program well recognized enough that patients are able to recognize this logo and understand that it's not really a social media button? I am not very technologically oriented but I would guess that most do not. Please forgive me if I'm misunderstanding the premise of this.

I think you are right that most patients who are new to plastic surgery wouldn't recognize the BD logo. But because it is a bit different, users would be curious and thus be encouraged to click on it. The page that you could take the user on that click might be a page where you can explain that you participate in the brilliant distinctions program.

This BD button is great for 3 types of patients:

1. The new to plastic surgery patient who has no idea what this is and discovers it.
2. Brilliant Distinction members who have moved to a new location and are looking to continue their program.
3. For your own patients who have become Brilliant Distinction members, but need a quick way to get their coupons printed out.

The last reason (3) is the main reason I wanted a quick icon logo in the first place. I needed a place on the webpage to place this logo. We usually have social media buttons in easy to find areas on a webpage, and I wanted my patients to have a way to log into their account through my webpage. This gives me more repeat traffic to my webpage and also gives the patients something easier to remember than the actual brilliant distinctions webpage which is a very long URL which consists of three long words which can sometimes be hard to spell. So when patients ask us how to print out a coupon, we tell them to log onto our website and click on the BD logo which allows them to get to the log on screen.

I see the social media buttons as a section where the patients can participate with our practice by signing up with outside services. This is true for Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and YouTube where the patient has accounts. Thus, this could be true for Brilliant Distinctions, and perhaps Care Credit too. In general I've seen two main sections of logos on many website welcome pages 1. memberships in societies/credentials 2. Social Media. I think the BD logo fits in great with the Social Media not as a "follow us" but as a "participate with us" idea.

Thank you for these Dr. Lee. It's a good idea. I'll be sending this page to my web designer.

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