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Botox & The "Spock" Look

Botox + fillers that make your patients look like Vulcans?

The clinical and cosmetic uses of neurotoxins continue to grow. Botox, perhaps after aesthetician visits, are often the first procedure consumers consider. It is very common for patients to tell me that they have been considering Botox treatments for 3 to 5 years. We frequently see these patients pleased with there Botox treatments and then very interested in fillers, non-invasive body contouring, and often surgical procedures. However, what quickly interrupts this transition to other services is a result from neurotoxins that looks unnatural.

In our practice, we have increased patient retention and satisfaction after their initial Botox treatment by reviewing with them possible outcomes. Patients will often complain about a quizzical or "Spock" look after glabellar and sometimes forehead injections. I am still surprised that patients are not told of this and that there is a simple remedy. As most practioners know, 2-4 units additional neurotoxin at or just above the over arched area will soften the arch of the eyebrow.  A follow-up call/visit or just good instructions to the patient can turn a dissatisfied patient into a lifelong member and proponent of your practice.

Reader Comments (5)

I agree. I always tell them that since I like to be conservative with their first botox treatment, that this may occur, but that I promise I can fix it (so the patient doesn't freak out). It is a requirement that they schedule a two week follow up with me for me to check them. Tell them that if they wait until the botox wears off and they come in three ish months later and say they wanted that fixed, it is more difficult to guess exactly where the touch up amount needs to be injected. Patients should be encouraged to come in at two weeks so the injector can see exactly where, if any, extra botox needs to be injected. That extra five minutes in a two week follow up is often thought wasteful, but can really turn a one-timer patient into a life long patient!

Really useful info. I'm curious about whether you see patients liking this extra visit or if they would rather have everything done at once with a 'best guess' as to the results? I would think that there would be a mix but I don't know, perhaps not.

09.1 | Unregistered CommenterINDMD

EVERYONE likes it. they all say that they know I care if I am willing to take the time to just physicially make sure that they are happy. But, you have to tell them why that visit is important. . . that you need to see them so you know where to add any more, that you can't depend on them to tell you where they needed more. Everyone likes the "conservative" approach. They then trust that they will not be frozen. I tell them that if I underdo it a little, no big deal, i can just add a little more. People like it when you take time to care about their results, not just what they spend!

I always tell my patients that if any touchups are needed in two weeks after the treatment, I will do it free of charge. I was not able to do this when I was not charging enough. I raised my prices so that I can afford to do the free touchup. I am now finding that my patients are much happier and any undesirable effects like "Spocking" can quickly be fixed.

Agree with Dr. Song. The key is to have them come in at 2 weeks if not happy, not 2 months when it's starting to wear off and then they expect a free "touch up". We leave the 2 week follow-up open and are happy to get people in. At the beginning we had all new patients come in at 2 weeks but it wasted a lot of our time and the patients time. Occasionally a new patient will schedule a 2 week follow-up at the time of their initial visit and that's fine too.

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