Robot Surgeon Outperforms Humans Performing The Same Procedure

Score another victory for machines: a surgical robot outperformed humans and robot-assisted human operators in a soft-tissue procedure, bringing us one step closer to automated care...

We're not quite at the cosmetic surgery carwash yet, but we're headed in that direction. Could we be a few years away from robotic liposuction?

The Smart Tissue Autonomous Robot (STAR) was designed at the Children's National Medical Center in order to bring some automation into soft-tissue surgery, a field where soft-and-squishy makes it more difficult to apply robotics due to the complexity of spatial relationships.

“As surgeons, we usually do three things,” said lead researcher Peter Kim, of the Sheikh Zayed Institute in a press call, “we use our vision and we use our hands for dexterity and then we use our mind as cognition to make judgment and then carry it out. We improved on all these things.”

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Dr. Robert Cohen, Breast Enhancement Specialist In Scottsdale, AZ

Dr. Robert Cohen

As a plastic surgeon in Scottsdale, Dr. Rober Cohen specializes in cosmetic surgery of the breast.

Name:Robert Cohen, MD, FACS
Clinic: Scottsdale Center For Plastic Surgery
Location: Scottsdale, AZ

That's interesting: Dr. Cohen published a textbook chapter on technology and robotics in plastic surgery while at Dartmouth.

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