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Learning From Physicians Worldwide: Unhappy Patient? If You're In Mexico Just Call The Cops.

Medical Spa MD Physician Member Distribution Map

Medical Spa MD's physician community is worldwide. This poses some interesting challenges and some opportunities to learn how medicine is practiced elsewhere.

If you're not already aware, Medical Spa MD has physician members from 70+ countries... meaning that there are a number of differences in the way that medicine is practiced across the community. The map above shows some of the distribution of Members by location. The reason that I bring this up is to highlight that there are differences between where and how members of our community practice medicine. 

Let me tell you a story or two about some of these differences.

In Mexico, plastic surgeons are less worried about being sued.

A few years ago at a major cosmetic medical conference in Las Vegas with very well known physicians presenting. I atteneded a presentation by a plastic surgeon from Mexico discussing one of the new (at that time) suture plication techniques for facelifts. I'll call the presenter Dr. M.

During this surgeons presentation, Dr. M discussed case study after case study in a way that made it apparent to every other doctor in the audience that he was in fact 'experimenting' on patients in order to guage how results would differ with different techniques.

Dr. M was detailing how he had arrived at what he felt was the optimial technique by identifying likely canditate patients, offering them a greatly reduced price, and then basically trying out a different technique to determine an outcome. The clear message was that he was just trying different things out to see what worked and what didn't work, i.e., experimenting on patients.

You could see a lot of slightly raised eyebrows in the room.

As is usual after a conference presentation, a group formed around Dr. M after his presentation to ask follow up questions or make a connection. After a couple of handshakes the questioning started to revolve around a very specific theme. The US physicians (the very clear majority since we were in Vegas) began asking questions that expresed a large amount of skepticism that they could have interpreted the presentation correctly. Namely, that any plastic surgeon could be performing experimental treatments on patients in the way that he'd described. (I should clearly state that Dr. M indicated that he clearly informed all of these patients of what he was doing and got their consent.)

The physicians weren't really challenging this physicians techniques or professionalism as much as questioning Dr. M about his patient practices and wondering how he could actually get away with this with his malpractice insurance and medical regluatory agencys.

The questions started to revolve around patients who were unhappy with their outcomes and how this physician was handling them. Dr. M freely admitted that there had been any number of failures and that some patients had had poor outcomes and were unhappy but expressed the sentiment that that was really not a big deal.

The US physicians were somewhat incredulous and one slightly exaperated physician asked, "What do you do if they come back to your office and complain?"

"We call the police," he said nonplussed.

Raised eyebrows all around.

Now, to be fair, Dr. M's answer was really based on his perception that the question was about a patient raising hell in his clinic and that answer would be the same answer that any physician would give, but the incredulity that prompted the question was really about how any doctor could get away with performing experimental procedures without being sued out of existence.

What's even more eye-opening to a lot of American physicians was that Dr. M had never been sued.

If you're a plastic surgeon in the US and you've been practicing for a while, the odds are good that you've been sued by a patient and if you're practicing new treatments that could be defined as experimental as a plastic surgeon, you're going to be sued... and dropped by your malpractice carrier. It seems that if you're a plastic surgeon in Mexico you don't have the same considerations to deal with. 

Does it mean that plastic surgery outside the US is less safe? Possibly, since there's no other country that regulates the practice of medicine the way that the US does, but it's also the case that many of the 'medical tourism' destinations are staffed by US trained physicians. (If anyone has stats on this I'd be interested to see them.) There are a growing number of hospitals outsourcing xrays to radiologists in India, medical tourisim is increasingly mainstream, and US physicians are traveling outside of the US for trainings.

Medical Spa MD has members around the world. If you're smart, you'll take the opportunity to learn from everyone, no matter where they are.

Read: Plastic Surgery Malpractice Lawsuits In The US & Canada

Read: "Hello Doctor. I Wouldn't Hesitate To Sue You."

The New Medical Spa Physician Report

The New Medical Spa MD Physician Report is (finally) out!


And we thought that our first medical spa report was huge...

We've had to juggle a huge number of launches in the last month and, unfortunately, the launch date for the report got pushed back a little. We're sorry that we weren't on time, but once you take a look at the report we think you'll find it work the wait.

We integrated a lot of your feedback from the first report in this one, cutting back on the 'situational' questions (although we still have some) and moving in to areas that we know you want answers about.

Here are some of the questions that are answered in this report:

  • What percentage of your clinic's revenue is spent on marketing and advertising?
  • How is your clinic staff compensated?
  • What do you think of paying commission for medical treatments?
  • What is the total income of your clinic or medical spa per month?
  • What percentage of your clinic's revenue is spent on payroll?
  • If you pay commission, how is it structured?
  • What are your patients requesting most that you don't currently offer?
  • How much is a new patient worth you you as a clinic in the first month?
  • How many new patients does an average client refer to you in a year?
  • What do you consider to be the most important way to generate sales for your clinic?
  • What is your most effective marketing tactic?
  • What marketing have you tried that you would never recommend?
  • If you could add one cosmetic medical technology by manufacturer and model, what would it be?
  • Which treatments generate the most revenue for your clinic?
  • What generates the most profit?
  • Which technology manufacturer do you think has the best reputation for efficacy among physicians?
  • Who has the best reputation for customer service? Who has the worst?

Whew.... and that's just a partial list of what we cover. There is also a great interview with plastic surgeon Dr. Enrique Etxeberria from Spain and some great info about waiting room marketing videos from this reports business sponsor, Frontdesk.

Download the report here.


Thank You To All Of The Contributing Physicians & Clinics

The following is a partial list of the physicians and clinics that contributed to this report and gave us permission to identify and link to them. Sign up to contribute to the next report here.

Note: We do not identify individual physicians or clinics with specific answers to make sure that all respondents can be completely candid in their answers. (Our surveys are done through our online software and provide confidentiality and anonymity and they take about 10 minutes to complete.)

Clinica Etxeberria

Our contributing physician list is growing fast. Thank you to the physicians and clinics who have contributed to this report. If you're a physician and would like to contribute to the next report, please let us know by entering you information in the form below.


Become a Contributing Physician Member

Complete this form to contribute to the next report.

Licensed Clinicians Only: If you're a licensed clinician practicing cosmetic medicine and would like to be included as a Contributing Member in the next report, please fill out this form. You will then be added to our Contributing Members and receive a monthly questionnaire that only takes about 10 minutes to complete. (If you're a business that would like to sponsor a report, please contact us.)

Medical Spa MD Report: How Many Years Have You Been Practicing Cosmetic Medicine?

How many years have you been practicing cosmetic medicine full time?

From Medical Spa MD Physician Report Volume 1

The majority of physicians responding to the survey have more than 7 years of experience practicing cosmetic medicine.

For purposes of our survey, it is positive to see that just over 60% of our respondents have been practicing cosmetic medicine for more than 7 years.

This skew towards more experienced physicians may be due to concerns by younger, newer, or more inexperienced physicians that they may be helping a competitor in some way. We expect that this result will flatten as more physicians take part in the survey.

Become a Member to receive the Medical Spa MD Physician Report. You can find the report and more freebies here.

Want to contribute to the next report? Learn more >

Have thoughts on this graph? Leave a comment and let's hug it out.

Medical Spa MD Report: What Is The Total Income Of Your Clinic?

What is the total income of your laser clinic or medical spa per month?

From the Medical Spa MD Physician Report Volume 1According to the respondents to the first Medical Spa MD Physician Report, the largest number of medical spas is making somewhere between $25k and $100k per month.

Another positive note regarding our sample population; there is a nice variety of business sizes, again offering a wide range of perspectives with the highest percentage of the group falling between $10,000 and $100,000 in revenues per month. This, along with the clinic size (next question) appears to indicate that most of the clinics surveyed are operating with a single physician.

What's also interesting is that we have some very large clinics responding with 6% indicating that they're grossing more than half a million dollars a month. These clinics are probably the same ones that have a staff size of 20+.

Become a Member to receive the Medical Spa MD Physician Report. You can find the report and more freebies here.

Want to contribute to the next report? Learn more >

Have thoughts on this graph? Leave a comment and let's hug it out.

Medical Spa MD: Physicians Only?

Should Medical Spa MD be physicians only?

During an email exchange on a completely different subject with a long time Medical Spa MD Member, he hit me with his opinion that at least a part of Medspa MD should be reserved exclusively for physicians.

Here's parts from two of his emails and some of my response.

...I would recommend an area for physicians only and you need to prove who you are. Leave the comments open to the public but only the physician members can post comments...

The site has lost its appeal to the physicians to a large degree because there is no where for them to converse now that there are many nurses, aestheticians, salesman and patients on the site. It really was doing its best when it was mostly physicians talking back and forth about technology and techniques.

This is part of my emailed response.

Hi L,

Your reply hits on something I've been thinking about for some time, but have some reservations. It is possible to password protect areas of the site but very difficult to able to force people to actually 'prove' who they are.

I"m guessing from the tone of your post that you feel that the 'quality' of the site has been diluted with non-physician posts asking questions about their age spots etc. I somewhat agree but it's a challenging situation. I'd be interested in what you think might be a possible (and feasible) solution.

I could make some/most/all of the forums login only. This would require an account but I could not insure that everyone was who they say they are. This also goes against one of the factors that has makes the site actually attractive. My guess is that you might think twice about posting under your actual name since this could potentially cause you problems if you wanted to say something important about someone who might identify you.

I could make part of the site a paid memebership site. This would allow me to identify individuals though they wouldn't have to use their real name. This seems like a potential solution. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on this. Would you pay a fee to have access to a community where you felt you could exchange information with other docs that were also paying members

Certainly I've always valued your opinion on this. Hope you're well

Since I launched Medspa MD back in 2000-whatever (It was called Medical Spas Online then.), I've changed the site to reflect what I thought was the best value for physicians. There are plenty of places where patients can go and get advice, but Medical Spa MD has been the only site where physicians can discuss the back end of what they need and do with each other. I want to continue to be respectful of that and not become one of the myriad of consumer facing sites. Besides, we're building a platform now that will allow that kind of patient/physician interaction outside of this site.

If you're a physician I'm really interested in what you think about this. Should there be a physicians only area where you're identified? Are you concerned that their are impostors on the site? (I've outed a number of them before.) Would you be willing to login in order to post or get content? Should PAs and NPs have access? If you're a physician, how would you like this site to be structured?

Please leave a comment, contact me directly via the contact form or just email me

Sciton BBLs Group Buy & Medical Spa MD

5 Medical Spa MD Members can now save $15,000 on a new Sciton BBLs through Sciton's Medical Spa MD Group Buy.

This offer expires after the first 5 Members make a deposit.

Sciton is the first major cosmetic laser and IPL technology manufacturer to test the waters in this kind of sales environment. For that, they deserve considerable kudos since it's not the typical CYA marketing and sales play that manufacturers usually employ.

We'll be discussing Scition and the BBLs at lenght but there's a rub of course. This offer is limited to the first 5 Medical Spa MD Members who make a deposit and get going. There's no risk since you can return the BBLs if you're not happy. You'll have to pay for the clinical training but you'll keep all the money that the BBLs makes you during that period. If you're looking to add an IPL for any reason, take a look.

As a note, don't think that Medical Spa MD is selling out or playing favorites. Sciton approached us because they already know that they've made sales of their technology because of Medical Spa MD's Members. They'd like to expand on their success. We're happy to have them because they've shown themselves to be proactive on the sevice end, engaged with Members, and have a good reputation.

If you've got any questions about this plan, please contact Scition directly by calling 614-891-7591 or email

Additional Reading

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Cosmetic Lasers, User Groups & Clinical Exchange Forums

Medical Spa MDs forums are getting some TCL.

With tens of thousands of comments, the navigation menu had pretty much outgrown the the previous navigation and was bursting at the seams. The only way to really drill down and find information was to search, and that's somewhat clumsy since you have to know what you're looking for.

We spend the last couple of days and nights attempting to create a better system that allowed physicians to brows by topic as well as have access to holistic search functions. It's still in need of a little tweaking but we're letting you see it now.

Medical Spa MDs new forums are divided into four broad categories:

These changes to the forums combined with the new area for Medical Spa MD Select Parterns should allow you to navigate the site and find information that's relevant to your needs more easily... at least I hope so.

We'll try to manage the places that posts are found and move them to the appropriate location when we can. Of course there's a huge amount of overlap. I've included pretty much any fat removal treatment under the Bodyscupting & Liposuction forum for example. While it's not perfect, I think it's much better to have only a few forums that you can peruse.

If you haven't used the forums before, please do. We have a very active physician community who are very helpful. Many of the best threads on the site were started with physicians asking very specific questions around treatments, techniques, and other 'down in the trenches' queries.

If you would like to have a forum added or think we've missed something please let us know. If there's enough content or interest we'll add it.

Also, if you're a physician who has some great information or something to say on any topic, please submit it as a guest post and help everyone out.

Add a Medical Spa MD Badge to your website.

Member Badges

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Medical Spa MD Free Member Downlad Files are intended for the personal use of Medical Spa MD Members and protected by copyright. All other copyrights are owned by their original owners. By downloading this content you agree to be bound by Medical Spa MD's terms and conditions.

Shine: New Teeth Whitening Services For Medical Spa MD Members

Introducing Shine, teeth whitening services for Medical Spa MD Members.

We're extremely happy to welcome Shine to our growing number of Select Partners who are looking to provide quality products and services for our Members.

Shine's something new. It's a professional teeth whitening service  for Doctors, medspas and Clinics that allow any physician to offer custom teeth whitening, the #1 most requested and sought after cosmetic treatment, directly from their practice or medical spa withouth any equipment or long-term commitment. Just order 'teeth whitening kit's' and everything's included that will allow you to add the #1 cosmetic treatment to your services.

Here's how it works:

  1. You order 'Teeth Whitening Kits' from Shine. (Get a special offer here)
  2. Your client makes an 'impression' of their teeth that you ship back to Shine.
  3. Shine's dentist-trained staff makes custom teeth whitening trays and ships them back to you in 48 hours.
  4. Your client picks them up.

That's it. All of the shipping, packages, handling etc is included in the price. Of course you're buying wholesale and your selling retail. You also have the ability to white-label your own teeth whitening pens or use them as promotional items, giveaways, or just sell them retail.

As a Medical Spa MD Member you can call the president of Shine, Vic Conner directly at 801 865-850. (If you're not yet a member you can join here. It's free.)

The smartest next step? Order two trial kits and use them yourself. See how fantastic the service, product, and results are... It's rare that you can offer a product that you can essentially guarantee a result from but this might just be it. After all, the suggested retail price for a Shine custom teeth whitening trays, gel, etc is between $250-$350.

Here's some more about Shine from their press release:

No teeth whitening equipment required

Shine Teeth Whitening Services now offers professional teeth whitening services at wholesale prices to Medical Spa MD Members throughout the US and Canada.

These custom fit teeth whitening trays and professional strength carbamide peroxide gel can bring new profits and an exciting new arm of service to tanning salons, chiropractors, and day spas throughout the U.S. and Canada.

As a Medical Spa MD Select Partner, Shine Teeth Whitening gives every aesthetic practice a way to participate in revenue and profit of the burgeoning $300M teeth whitening industry with no training and no equipment required. Shine is an outsourced lab that provides custom teeth whitening kits and professional strength whitening products. The Shine team is trained by a certified dentist to create custom fit pliable whitening trays, which are the most comfortable and effective means of consistent and lasting teeth whitening. Shine provides these custom fit trays in conjunction with professional strength 22% carbamide peroxide gel for maximum impact. With Shine’s custom fit teeth whitening trays, an amount of gel as small as a match head is enough to provide powerful whitening to the entire front surface of the upper and lower 6-8 teeth in your smile.

The custom trays ensure the gel will stay safely contained in the tray, away from your gums, to prevent sensitivity. Are you a coffee drinker? Colas? Fast foods? No problem! With a custom whitening kit, clients can achieve professional whitening at home while working out, reading or cruising the internet as often as needed—and at a fraction of the cost of an equivalent kit from a dentist’s office--to keep their smile perpetually bright. For practices who provide laser whitening services, pairing that service with a custom kit for home whitening will ensure that your clients’ whitening progress—and their satisfaction with your whitening services—remains as strong as it was on the day the laser threatening occurred in your office, to avoid the typical degradation of their whiter teeth shade over time.

How to Participate

Shine provides dental impression putty and trays in pre-measured kits with easy instructions to help your clients capture a perfect impression. Send the impression to Shine in the pre-addressed mailer and we’ll return your client’s completed kit to your office for pickup within 5-10 days. To help you try Shine’s new service, for a limited time we're making available a special offer of a set of two sample teeth whitening kits, custom trays, manufacture and shipping. When you are ready to provide Shine to your customers, simply order our pre-measured kits as often as needed at our low wholesale price and sell the completed kits (MSRP $230-$300).

Portable Whitening Pens

Shine’s portable whitening pens are one of our most popular products. At $5 (US) and up wholesale, these fun and easy aluminum tubes are easy to private label for your own practice. They deliver professional strength whitening gel through the brush tip of a slim wind up cylinder small enough to fit in a purse or a pocket. These portable tubes sell for $25 and up on popular retail sites like Amazon and Sephora and are great for travel, for touch ups, and are especially popular with young adults and for teens.

Medical Spa MD Select Partners

Medical Spa MD Select PartnerAs the world’s #1 physician community around non-surgical cosmetic medicine, Medical Spa MD's Select Partners offer discounted products and services as well as special customer service to our more than 4000 physician members worldwide.

Medical Spa MD Select Partners display this badge.

IPL & laser technology companies, service providers, publications, content providers and other businesses that sell to cosmetic medical practices and medical spas are partnering with Medical Spa MD to gain access to the tremendous buying power of our physician community. And our Members get special pricing and the trust that comes from the fact that Medical Spa MD stands behind every Select Member.

What makes a Medical Spa MD Select Partner?

  • Amazing Products & Services our Members want: To be included as a Medical Spa MD Select Partner, there has to be real value available to our world-wide community.
  • Exclusive Member Pricing: All Select Partners offer reduced, exclusive pricing to Members. In some cases our Select Members will build out entire new websites to keep this pricing from their existing clients.
  • Fantastic Customer Service: Select Partners must provide exceptional customer service to Members. Medical Spa MD is an active community and Members can complain directly to us.
  • Transparency: While we consider our Select Partners as just that, partners, our reputation comes first. When our Members buy from a Select Partner they know that we're standing behind that business.

Become a Medical Spa MD Select Partner.

If you meet the above criteria, let Medical Spa MD help you make the most of your marketing efforts. Consider joining the Medical Spa MD Select Partner Program — a way for you to access our incredible physician community. Or propose your own creative plan for partnering with Medical Spa MD. Apply here.

Medical Spa MD: New Partners & Services in 2010.

We've had some significant growth over the last while and that's enabled (and motiviated) us to look at how we can provide the most opportunity to our physician community.

We're currently buiding out relationships and adding additional offerings that include: strategic partnerships with other content providers, SEO +SEM, marketing & advertising outsourcing, training products, IPL & cosmetic laser classifieds, additional medspa MD guest post authors and more. The power behind this is the strength of our independant physician community aggregated in one place. Because we have so many physicians, we can harness the buying power of the entire group and businesses can provide pricing and services that they just can't afford when selling individually.

I'll be posting on these individually but here's an overview of some of the partnerships and additional services in the works.

Medical Spa MD Select Partners

We have a number of relationships with other cosmetic medical resources that we're working that include websites, magazines, and other vendors that meet our criteria for inclusion as a Medical Spa MD Partner. What's the criteria to be a Select Partner?

Medspa MDs Select Partners must offer significant value exclusivley to Medical Spa MD Members as a group and provide fantastic service and responsiveness to Members.

If you're a business you can apply to become a Medical Spa Select Partner here.

A New Site For Medical Marketing & Outsourcing

This new site will be all about outsourcing for cosmetic medical practices. Outsource your marketing, your advertising, your SEM (Search Engine Marketing), article writing, direct mail and postcards... all that stuff.

  • Outsourcing
  • SEO & SEM: Directoy submissions, local search, backlinking.
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Article Writing & Submission
  • Direct Mail: Postcards & Mailers

You'll be able to get whatever you need oursourced at a fraction of the time and expense that you'd be expending to source and and manage it. We'll probably start out fairly small and focus on a couple of services that we can already deliver exceptionally well and use ourselves.

Medical Spa Writers + Guest Posts

One of the easiest ways for you to get some exposure for your practice or company is simply to write a guest post here on Medspa MD. We're actively looking for physicians and providers who can offer real value to our community. You'll recieve a valuable link to your practice or business and some welcom traffic.

Submit a guest post onMedical Spa MD.

Medical Spa Products

The Advanced IPL & Laser Training Manual and Advanced Medical Spa Aesthetics Training Manual & Study Course are fantastic resources to train and educate your existing staff, and new hires. Paula's done an absolutely amazing job of getting everything your staff needs in one place. I only wish I had this way back when. If you'r training process consists of having new hires follow you around... your life just got a lot easier.

Used IPL & Laser Classified Ads

Looking to sell your cosmetic laser or IPL? Looking to get a killer deal on one? Medical Spa MDs classified listings are where you'll want to start. (It's anticdotal but I think we've passed the $1m mark.)

Teeth Whitening

We were approched by a company providing custom teeth whitening services for companies and organizations as fund-raisers and asked if we'd allow them to sell whosale teeth whitening kits, pens and services to our Members. We've tentatively said yes and are trying out their services ourselves to see what we think.

These are exacly the same services that dentists offer and include taking impressions, making custom whitening trays and delivering them back to the clinic. Clinics would buy these wholesale. The markup would be in the 100%-300% range I'm guessing.

This could be a fantasic add-on since the #1 cosmetic service that people want is actually teeth whitening.

Laser Repair, Parts, & Service

Another interesting deal that I'm not at liberty to discuss quite yet but we're looking to take on some reilable partners to provide IPL & laser repair services for Members. If you've every had an IPL hand peice rebuilt by the manufacturer you'll know what I mean here. (Of course we'd love to have good technology providers as a partner too.)

Anyway, that's just a few of the directions we're moving in. I'll update this post as we get some of these services up and running. If you want to make sure you're aware of your options and our Partners offerings, make sure you're a Medical Spa MD Member.

Laurie Peterson, Medical Spa MD's New Marketing & Sales Director

Medical Spa MD is proud to announce the addition of Laurie Peterson as our new Marketing Director.

With the escalating growth of Medical Spa MDs physician membership and the introduction of new services, from SEO and online marketing to group discounts for Botox and Restylane, we've had trouble keeping ahead of the demand. Laurie, as the newest member of the Medical Spa MD team will be heading up a number of our initives with both Members and Partners.

Here's an excerpt from the press release.

“The priority for the site has always been and will continue to be bringing the latest news, ideas and opportunities to our members”, says Jeff Barson, Medical Spa MD’s founder and publisher. “Laurie brings with her a passion for marketing that will allow our site to continue growing, which will benefit the entire member community.”

“I’m really excited to join the Medical Spa MD team and be a part of this exciting, growing community”, says Peterson. “I see lots of potential to expand on the information flow to members in addition to bringing special member discounts to everyone through our growing “Advertisers and Partners” section.”

Laurie brings 15 years of Fortune 100 sales and marketing experience with her to this new position. She lives in California with her husband, 2 kids and a very spoiled dog.

Free Marketing Report: The best & worst tactics for medical spa profitability.

The impact of the economic slowdown on elective healthcare services such as cosmetic procedures and LASIK was almost immediate. Initially the impact was regionalized to those areas with the highest decrease in home value. But as the year progressed and the economy worsened, the majority of elective healthcare practices experienced a decrease in new patients and patient conversions.

To quantify the effect of the slowing economy on cosmetic practices, CareCredit asked Hiner & Partners, Inc. to survey 10,000 CareCredit practices to identify tactics they were successfully using to increase or maintain sales and profitability. Participants were contacted via mail, email and fax to participate in the web-based survey. This report summarizes the key findings of that market research initiative to help cosmetic practices compare and analyze their current status with peers across the country and to share best practices.

Get the PDF Download:
The Economys Impact on Cosmetic Practices & Tactics to Maintain Profitability

Key Findings

  • 61% of practices reported an average decline of 32% in monthly sales as compared with 2007
  • Only 13% of practices reported an increase in sales
  • 26% reported same level sales as 2007 The decrease is impacting both surgical and non-surgical practices
  • 64% of surgical practices reported an average 31% decline in monthly sales
  • 56% of non-surgical practices reported a 34% average decline.

The economy is affecting all areas of business including inquiries, consultations, commitments, completed procedures and repeat customers.