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Botox and the 80/20 rule

Are you happy with your Botox Rep?

I posted a while ago about  our dissapearing Botox sales rep.

Someone who appears to be an Allergan rep responded with the following:

Maybe your practices were not bringing in a large amount compared to the rep's quotas. We rate offices from A-Z and if you are C and below...I don't bother call on that office. 80/20 rule and so far it's been working. President's club 3 out of the past 5 years and great bonuses. Don't take it personal, but it makes sense to serve the offices who have the greatest potential in serving us. If my quota is 100 and your potential is only 5, I'm skipping you to talk to the next 5 doctors who have a potential to do 100 on their own and blow out my quotas.

So take no offense. These guys have Botox quotas of their own and I'm guessing that commission is a prime motivator. If you're not ranked as an A or B by Allergan (and I guess it goes all the way down to Z), you might just be on your own.

Anyone switching to Dysport?

Reader Comments (1)

Allergan has for far too long gotten away with fleecing the medical community when it comes to the sale of Botox. Why is it that when I FIRST started injecting Botox, it was $349.00/vial FROM Allergan, same bottle, same # of units, and now 12 years later it is ALMOST twice as much as that? Far more people are using it, far more doctor's injecting it, shouldn't it go DOWN instead of increase in cost? Wake up Allergan, AND your self-important representatives.....your little sham is soon to be up. With the advent of lower prices from this site as well as others, Botox is in an affordable price range . Have fun in your little President's Club.

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