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Download Medical Spa Embezzlement & Employee Theft Scams - It's Free

In a recent study, more than 82% of medical clinics reported at least one issue with employee theft or embezzlement... that they were aware of. This free guide to beating embezzlement and employee theft schemes uncovers the hidden tactics behind how these scams work, and how you can find them before they capsize your clinic.


Download Medical Spa Embezzlement & Employee Thef Scams


Embezzlement and employee theft are an unfortunate fact in almost every business, and especially in cosmetic medical practices. If you haven't ever had to deal with this you're extremely lucky since it has taken place in every clinic I've been personally involved with and the stories that are told by physicians and business owners are legion.

If you think it can't happen in your business you';re just whistling past the graveyard. It can. It will.This report is designed to give you a fighting chance to identify how your business is at risk, to understand how these schemes work, and what you can do to minimize your risk and take action when you find a problem.

You're about to read the many stories that have been collected from clinics and physicians; from how a physician-employee put an extra account on a credit card terminal to deposit payments into his own checking account to how a NP would inject patients with straight saline and steal the Botox to use in her own side business. Some of the stories are almost beyond belief in their brazenness and the damage that was caused. In almost every case, the employee was a trusted team member.

Employees that are embezzling or stealing from you are enabled by ignorance and naivety. On the following pages you'll begin to remedy those issues.

I wish a report like this wasn't necessary, but it is.

If you don't read it you're a fool.


Download Medical Spa Embezzlement & Employee Thef Scams


Here's what physicins are saying:

Great report! It should be required reading for 
all doctors — even for those of us who've 
been around!
Marguerite Barnett MD FACS PA, Mandala Medspa
A very eye-opening and sobering report.
This is a must read for everyone!
Windie Hayano, The Skin Inc. Dermatology and Laser Center
Opened my eyes! The information in this report is invaluable! I hadn't even thought of some of the scams mentioned in these testimonials!
Lori Robertson FNP, Skin Perfect Medical Rancho
Great! ...after reading others experiences I realize that you just cannot be too careful when it comes to the financial security of your business.
This report will help other centers avoid going through what we had to endure and overcome.
Brian Sidella, Founder, Forever Young Medspa

Reader Comments (9)

I just downloaded this and I have to say... I'm amazed at both the audacity and creativeness that some of these scammers show. Amazing! Injecting patients with saline to smuggle out the Botox in your lunch box? Wow... These are really a must read for any cosmetic doc, but somewhat scary at the same time.

We had more than one issue with this in clinics I've covered, mostly around 'upgraded' cash treatments in the room... While I and others were aware this was happening occasionally it was awkward to be placed in a situation where I could be seen as a 'snitch'. I would suggest that every clinic download this report and give it to your entire staff and then discuss it. It would have been much better in my situation to have done that and would probably have stopped it before it got out of hand.

I just wanted to add my approval of this report. After reading it I recognized very clearly some things that struck me as oddly similar to certain behaviors in my staff. I went over some of our books this last weekend and reconciled them with our patient logs. Unfortunately I think that I have a problem.

I've been sick to my stomach but it's much better to know what's happening and be able to take action to correct problems. Every clinic should read this whether or not you think you have anything to be concerned about.

09.8 | Unregistered CommenterAaron DO

This report is basically a manual for 'how to embezzle'. At least it's filled with crafty ideas from relatively minor (cost wise) thefts of products to real embezzlement schemes run by accountants and book keepers. I don'k know if I'll be able to sleep tonight.

Yeah... the most startling stories to me were the accountants, other physicians and extenders. The PA shooting up patients with saline was a real eye opener. Thanks for that.

The accountants are the real threat, as always. You might be able to survive your front desk pilfering skin care but if you have a book keeper or accountant skimming your profits you're dead. (Not that you shouldn't fire someone for stealing product but keep in mind different treat levels.)

I appreciate this. It is important to know what the thieves might do.

I just downloaded and read this and it is excellent. I don't leave reviews or comment but I felt compelled to tell other physicians that they really need to read this.

Three times in my practice I've had issues with either theft or embezzlement. In the most serious case it cost me almost $45 in stolen revenue over the course of a year and created a host of other issues and problems. My eyes were opened. Thank you for providing something that others can benefit from. - Dr. Carlo

09.10 | Unregistered CommenterDr. Carlo

It's interesting to see that problems are in every place. In Germany it is just the same. Thank you for informing us.

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